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General Discussion / Apex legends st issue
« on: 04:58 AM - 02/07/20 »
Hi all,

I noticed while playing apex legends last night that while I ads my sensitivity doesnít change. I use toggle to aim selected in the in game settings, if I de select this and select toggle to aim down sight in xim settings it seems to change to my ads sensitivity but I get terrible delay whilst changing back to hip anyone else having this issue ? any help will be appreciated thanks  :)

Feedback / XIM wonít respond in blackout
« on: 07:51 AM - 01/28/19 »
Hi all,

Just recently got my XIM apex and I love it only have one problem and it seems to only happen when playing blackout, I will play one game then when I go to play the next game itís like my config has reset to default values my sensitivity has changed it says itís still loaded on the XIM manager I get no disconnection messages or anything it just feels strange. This only happens on blackout I can play multi player on black ops 4 for hours no problem and pubg I get no issues. Seems the only was to solve the issue in blackout is to unplug the aim apex from my Xbox and plug it in again then it works fine.
Any suggestions? Thanks

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