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Support / [ACTIVE] Xim link; mouse not working.
« on: 06:01 PM - 04/28/19 »
So just bought everything to use xim link, have every plugged in. Belkin transfer on my first slot of xim hub, controller plugged in, m&k plugged into my laptop. Everything works, xim link application, my keyboard in game and mouse buttons work BUT my mouse turning/looking does not work. I haven't came across any solutions. I've tried turning up my sensivity, restarting everything and unplugging xim apex adapter and yeah. If you have any solution I WELCOME it, please.

My setup:
2008 gateway laptop -
Logitech g502 hero -
Centaurus semi mechanical keyboard -
Xbox One

XIM APEX Discussions / New user here
« on: 11:33 PM - 01/26/19 »
So just upgrade to the xim from titan one and just had a couple questions. Is it possible to get titan one scripts and still be able to use m&k on the xim? And if so if I could get a quick tutorial on how to set that up. Thank youu

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