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Can anyone suggest a left handed joystick I can use for BO4 on PS4 that will work on XIM APEX? Iíd much rather prefer a nunchuck but canít seem to find one anywhere suitable for BO4... joystick only option and I have a right handed logictech one currently but I lose proper use of thumb button and the quality isnít great. Left strafe is already slower than right strafe... and a lot of the time travels right on itís own when not touching the joystick.

Also the distance of travel of pulling the joystick from left to right seems too long... canít seem to change deadzones... hoping left handed joystick someone suggests can alter deadzones etc


Hi all,

Anyway I can set the razor wave colour scheme on my Tartarus v2 keyboard when using XIM apex on PS4?

Hi all,

Bought Tartarus v2 keyboard and Logitech g502 mouse with XIM apex adapter to play BO4 on PS4 and am loving the new set up.

But seems my hip/ADS sensitivity settings seem to increase on their own during matches?

I press button on mouse below wheel and it illuminates 3 lights sequentially with each press, 1 light being a multicoloured breathing icon on mouse, 2 lights a breathing blue, 3 lights being a steady blue light.

1 light is highest sensitivity
2 lights next highest
3 lights lowest sensitivity

Cycling through these option completely lowers the original sensitivity I had set in XIm Alex iOS app to a point game is unplayable, so I have to go back to app and changealk settings again, usually being higher than before... I save these settings and all is fine again. But then problem repeats???

Any ideas how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

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