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Game Support / How to use the mouse as left stick?
« on: 05:55 AM - 10/08/21 »

Hey guys, is it some how possible to use the mouse as left stick instead of right? I mean just for the menus, maybe by using an extra auxiliary tab in the config?

In some games, you have to use the left stick for browsing the menus / backpack..... i would like it if i could do that with my mouse instead of WASD.

Thanks in advance

« on: 10:05 AM - 09/19/21 »

SORRY GUYS. I cannot delete this topic myself.

Game Support / Xim + titan two ? (Cod warzone)
« on: 07:34 AM - 01/26/21 »
Hi there.

First of all, ive tried to use the search engine on this forum to see if my questions might be answered in another topic, but the search engine gives me errors or wont find anything. So i made a new topic.

Ive been using xim 4 and apex for quite a few years now. I like it alot. But i always try new settings or configs just to see if something could be even better. Once i was watching a streamer using xim and titan two, combined and the guy seem to have flawless aim i dont get. Does the titan smoothen the xim aim? Maybe less jitter or even more steady the aim? I tried to ask the streamer but he didnt reply to me. Could anyone explain whats the idea behind this? I always thought titan was for remapping controllers or create button combinations. But it seems it does smoothen the aim for xim aswel?

Anyone of you using this combination or know how this works? Please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Game Support / MW weapons of xim users
« on: 07:43 PM - 11/30/19 »

Hello there, just thinking about the fact that recoil handling is different on xim than controller. So maybe we xim users favor other guns then regular ps/xbox players. I think its not fair just read about the general reviews about weapons in Cod. because we have a slightly different handle and techniques with it.

just wondering, what are your favourite guns in MW? I like to try different stuff, but i cant figure out what i really like.

PlayStation / Looking to team up mw 2v2
« on: 10:27 AM - 11/01/19 »
Im an european player, in search of a partner for 2v2 gunfights.
I play at night time only.

Ps4 id: Mismieter

Please add 'XIM' in the request message.

hey guys, i could use some advice for which mouse is a good replacement for the g502? i like a bit more larger mouse where i can rest my whole hand on instead of draging my handpalm over the mousepad with smaller one. ive got a small hand so it fits perfectly on some of the bit wider mouses.

i really like my g502, the buttons are perfect and the dpi/polling rates are great. its a great mouse for xim. so replacing isnt easy, i have no clue which mouse i should even look at. maybe you guys can help me out... it has to be a solid mouse, with various dpi/polling settings and a few extra buttons. money isnt an issue. any advice? what mouse are you guys using?

thnx in advance

PlayStation / Nothing
« on: 05:54 AM - 02/10/19 »

Im sorry, never mind. Please delete this topic. Thnx.

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