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hey guys dont post much any more as ive gone to pc but this has been interesting me, ok so i have gotten apon a high horse since going back to native MnKB, 1st because i know exactly how "helpfull" using a xim with AA really is (of coarse thats after uve got all ur settings dialed in and im talking vs AVG. pc user or even AVG controller user for that matter)

anyhow, point is i can already feel that hate you guys are ganna get from both sides eg. say your above avg and maybe a streamer or publicly known ximmer and you start destroying pc lobbies aswell, LOL imagine how much flack your ganna get when they find out your using a MnKB with AA.

just been thinking over it alot lately, i used to laugh at the blokes who would rant about being a cheater for using AA with your xim, but now i see there point, but in saying that idgaf ill fight any one of yas on the MW field ;) with my native MnKB any ways just thought it was a interesting topic PEACE.

XIM APEX Discussions / Do ur self a favour leave x/y at 1
« on: 02:03 AM - 07/18/19 »
Since going back to pc i notice how much im lacking in self controlled traking and mouse position recoil control . I can still use aim booster at 90plus for a minute but in game my muscles became lazy because of the features i used ximming to game easier

Game Support / People who xim on pc
« on: 10:38 PM - 07/14/19 »
Ive recently got back on pc . The movement is perfect. If u use xim on pc imo you are just as bad as hackers which essentially u are. On console there are a multidute of acceptable reasons and it takes practise but on a pc u can just change binds to what ever your used to. I used to defend people who use it because of muscle memory and what not but now after getting back to native mouse and fighting people on mouse i realise if i plugged my xim in it would be absolute cheting turn cap or not especially if the game has high aa . Just my opinion and i dont really care if you disagree. The only acceptable way in my books is turning thr auto aim off to keep turn cap muscle memory but why u would do that is beyond me

Ok so ive been ximming cause im unemployed and got other life issues but its tax time and im ganna get enough money to sort out my rig.

At present i have a i7 2700 8x3.40hz processors (just older tech) and 16gig ram

What i wanna know is does any one use the rtx range and am i better off picking up a 11gig gtx 1080 ti or opting for the same price rtx range with lower gigs cheers.

Game Support / Good fps games for xim
« on: 03:08 AM - 07/11/19 »
Any one know any good fps games that handle very well with xim ? Cheers

General Discussion / Installing a ssd in xbox one x
« on: 01:31 AM - 07/09/19 »
Hey if anybone has done this could u please tell me 1 what ssd should i get 2 is it worth soing (for pubg) 3 internal vs external . Cheers

XIM APEX Discussions / Bewarned Gaming can go overboard
« on: 05:24 AM - 07/08/19 »
Gaming can get outa hand especially with so many options settings wise ,man i have a bad problem i spend literally all day everyday gaming and i change settings more than possible to imagine thinking there is always something better and maybe there is maybe there isnt who knows  i spend hours in training grounds flicking trying to find the best possible methods to use with theese hideous constraints we are bound to. Apex legends i couldnt stop untill i was top 50 world leader boards i quit months ago on 1k wins 10k kills i couldnt stop cod till id held every sweat id seen neg or made em quit the lobby ect..

Realise if its becoming a problem for you before it gets too much im boarderline agoraphobic now and gotta find the happy medium (god knows how thats possible aint enough time in the day just to get my settings right).

Like i will game all day then in bed go youtube and read and then wont be able to sleep so ill get up at 4am and flick my xbox back on to try what ive read

Another reason for me to post this is once you get some settings that feel ok just stick with em dont think there is somethinf better cause chances are there aint we expect to be able to do shroud like plays and whilst some of us may be able to on a pc its just not possible on 60 fps with a speed(turn cap)

Hope this yarn helps some one not waste x amount of months. Thanks for listening.

XIM APEX Discussions / Syncs delay and pubg
« on: 08:10 PM - 07/07/19 »
Sorry for the post been scim reading hard for 2days but couldnt find it.

Is there a delay when opting for a lower sync ? Like with hz
And i knoe the recommendations eg slow 30 .. Is this still the case for pubg ?
 Cheers if any one is high tier on pubg id love to pick your brains thanks.

XIM APEX Discussions / Why please god tell me why
« on: 10:41 PM - 07/05/19 »
I just cant get my head around it .. Pubg yes i can play cautious and imo crappy and win majority of fights why though cannot dins the settings that will allow me to play how i want if i could get the mouse to do what i wanted (and what im capable of) id be baby shroud up in here there must be a way no ? Or do i just have to keep compromising ?


Ok so i recently tried a config at 800dpi 250 default sensAnd noticed almost a jitter if you will so i watched some videos and found out its the upscaling interpolation My queation is at a lower sync with less sens will this still occour maybe behind the scenes in the xim jardware and are there any setbacks in using this type of setup ? I believe maybe a small loss of micro movements but im uneducated so id love another more educated input xheers.

XIM APEX Discussions / Aim accel
« on: 08:53 AM - 06/29/19 »
Ok in pubg aim accel is only put on when the stick is at 50 percent when im moving my mouse is that 100 percent stick ? Through the st process i mean ?

Ok in games like siege  whats the go with said topic i understand it effects how aa handles but when im not using aa what does each do ... Id also like to know more about the syncs .. Ive watched the videos and read more posts than i have dollars or is it sense? Any ways if some one dosnt mind cheers.

In regards to common 60 slow 30 why? Whats different from default? And i under stand off trys to sync at ur mouse rate? But i really dont get it how can i sync at 500hz when slow and common are 60 nd 30 hz .. As i said cheers. Preferably from some one in the know. Thanks again

Game Support / Pubg
« on: 10:01 AM - 06/27/19 »
Smooth aim transition checked ?

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