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Hello, I tried connecting my XIM Apex to my PC and this is what I experienced.

If I connect into my APEX a Xbox 360 controller, once I plug the APEX into the PC while on Fornite,
it will right away recognize it as controller and everything works PERFECT.

But the Xbox controller is not mine, so I need to use my PS4 controller!
I tried but it doesnt work, I just unplug the XIM, remove the Xbox controller, and plug in a PS4 instead, then plug back the APEX into my PC, but now it doesnt work!

I tried 2 different PS4 controllers, with 2 different cables, doesnt help!

But if I plug the PS4 controller directly into my PC without the XIM, Fortnite does recognize the controller right away!!!

So what is the issue here? As I read on the forums multiple users are using PS4 controllers as well and not only Xbox

I didn't play for a couple of weeks, and now that we are waiting for a new ST to fix all the changes Epic did,

what settings are you guys using currently? Legacy ON and turned off the new settings Epic released?

Or do you use the advanced settings and not Legacy? and in this case, what are the best ones?

Thank you

So I hope this is the right place where to ask this,
it's about the Edit button in Fornite.

I always had it setup like this, you set a key for Edit mode, then in the Xim Manager, you bind to the same key the Build mode, by using a secondary binding.

Like this you could use the same button for both going into Edit mode, and for confirming the edit button.

I didn't like this too much because if you weren't in Build mode, and you press that button, it would put you in build mode with edit.

But today I found out that you can achieve the same without using a secondary binding.
You can assign "Edit" in Build mode (inside the Fortnite Controller keybinds setting page) to a button, and the assign "Confirm" in Edit Mode to the same button, all inside the Fortnite ingame settings, and if you press this button now, you won't go in Build mode if not targeting a friendly wall.

So why does everybody use the secondary binding on the Xim method?
Am I missing somethig, like benefits in doing it like that?

Hello, I'm using this config found on the Shared config sub:

1000 DPI
1000hz polling
Default: 120 - 130
Smoothing: 2
X/Y:  1.10

I have the G502 mouse and I m playing with the Sony Nav.

This config feels pretty good, I used to play with 12k dpi, but I like this better.

I have only one issue, when I'm using ADS (ads config on xim apex is disabled), and I do micro movements to adjust my reticle (with micromovements I mean moving the mouse just a couple of centimeters really slow), the aim doesn't move that precisely, so I can't control that well those micro adjustments to my aim (this isnt because of AA bubble, I can aim at a tree from distance, and try to follow its shape with the mouse, and not every single micromovement registers).

What settings should I change to improve this? Polling rate? DPI?

Thank you

Hello, so currently I'm using a single key to edit and confirm and a separate one to enter building mode, as I think most of you do.

What I was wondering, is there a way to setup the xim to achieve what they do on PC with the Scroll wheel reset edit? (basically with the scroll wheel they reset and confirm the reset of a build by scrolling twice the wheel) ?

So in my case, if I press my edit button when I'm not in build mode, currently this will put me in edit mode right away and when I select my edit, I can press the same button to confirm,

it would be nice if for example a double tap on the edit button would enter edit mode, reset the piece and confirm.

So I would have 2 options:

Edit a piece -> press edit button -> select pieces to edit -> press edit button to confirm
Reset a piece -> press edit button -> press edit button to reset and confirm

would this be possible somehow?

Hello, I have the latest firmware, 20180501 and I play Fortnite,
I use a sony Nav so I don't need the new SAB settings in the Beta firmware.

Besides that, would in any way my game/settings improve if I go to the Beta firmware?

Or if you don't use SAB, you can stay on the latest one (not beta) and it's the same?

Thank you

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