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Shared Configs / Cold War PC Config
« on: 04:47 AM - 11/23/20 »
Hey guys, thought I'd try out my xim for pc after playing native keyboard and mouse for about a year and been having great success doing so, currently at max level for this pre-season and sitting at a 2.7kd which has been increasing rapidly since picking the xim back up so I thought I'd share what I've been using!

In-game settings~
Fov: 120
AA: Default
Right stick deadline: 10
Sensitivity: Both Maxed

I believe that's all the core settings in game that I'm using aside from graphical changes!

MW19 Xbox st

Xim/Mouse Settings~
12,000 DPI
1000hz Mouse and Manager
Ads & Hip Sens: Both at 45, just a personal preference!

I'm not sure if I missed anything else important but if I have comment below and I'll be sure to reply asap!

General Discussion / Xim Apex on PC
« on: 07:19 AM - 11/19/20 »
Hey guys, been a while since I've been here, transitioned to pc gaming a while back but recently pulled my xim out of hiding and got it setup on my pc to try it out, as I couldn't get the xim to work on pc with my ps4 controller I downloaded some software which basically makes the pc believe it is a 360 controller, in saying this I know pc isn't a supported software but all seems to be working a lot better than expected but my question here is should I be using the ps st's or Xbox? In the xim app it shows the ps4 controller so I'm assuming I should be using that but thought i should ask!

Also sorry admins if posted in the wrong forum!

XIM APEX Discussions / Goodbye fellow ximmers!
« on: 09:40 AM - 11/22/19 »
I havent been to active on the forums since I joined but I've made a few threads and tried to help others on there threads so I'm not really known but it's been a great time playing with the xim and talking to you all! I've gone out and bought a pc and therefore sold my console and xim along with it, just wanted to give a massive shout out to the whole xim team for the great work you've all done and continue to do for all of us, also to the community for the help I received when I was new to all of this, it was needed! Haha

Anyway thanks for the help and good times here! Goodluck to you all with your future endeavors! 😝✌

Shared Configs / My MW Config!
« on: 07:04 PM - 11/09/19 »
Just to start off I've played almost 3 days game time in mw with just under 7k kills and a 2.7 k/d and I've done quite a bit of testing and I've found these settings to be the best I've tried. I've also tested this on both the g pro wireless and the g502 hero, I've found the g pro to be my preferred mouse due to weight and wireless but still works great on the g502!

MW 2.0 ST
12k Dpi
Common sync on both hip and ads
Hip sens: 2.6
Ads sens: 2.4
Ads delay 300 With smart transition ticked
No curves, x/y values, steady aim or boost

Sensitivity may be a bit faster for some people's preference so tweak to your liking, I also use standard aa and default settings per st requirements, I'll post full config code once I'm able to!

PlayStation / Any other Aussies play Apex Legends
« on: 12:16 AM - 09/05/19 »
If so add me, my psn is jihadiboi

XIM APEX Discussions / AA in Apex Legends
« on: 04:55 PM - 09/01/19 »
Just here for a couple opinions on what others may use, before season 2 I quit for 3 months or so and I had 3k kills with a 10k/d so I'm by no means a bad player but with season 2 AA seems to be more detrimental than it is helpful so I've been thinking about just running 8/8 sens in game to eliminate it but not too sure if that will be even more of a burdon due to the strength of AA with controller, I have played quite a bit on pc also, just here for other players input on not running AA.

Also tempted to try out the controller for a couple games again to see how season 2 does feel with one.


XIM APEX Discussions / LF other Oce players, Apex Legends
« on: 05:36 AM - 08/11/19 »
Any other players from Aus or NZ want to party up and smash out some apex legends? Add my psn, JihadiBoi

XIM APEX Discussions / Competitive configs bo4
« on: 10:33 AM - 01/28/19 »
Slowly getting more and more into the competitive scene but still canít find the right config for bo4, any other competitive players have some configs or insight, any helps appreciated!


XIM APEX Discussions / Bo4 help
« on: 04:17 PM - 12/09/18 »
In bo4 using The gung ho perk when ads and fire  are pressed at the same the sprint out time is drastically decreased, I tried binding a secondary key to my fire button but ads sensitivity  seems to be  drastically decreased, I know I could just press both at the same time but using a secondary key binding so I get the effects of thisíglitchí at all times coming out of sprint seems like a nice option, so if anyone would know why my ads sensitivity seems to be really slow when using ads bound to my secondary fire button could help at all Iíd greatly appreciate it.


XIM APEX Discussions / PUBG ps4
« on: 09:07 AM - 12/06/18 »
With the release of pubg on PS4 around the corner will there be much of a wait time for the st to come out? Also any recommendations on what other stís I could use to play pubg with until the release of the official one?
Thanks for any and all feedback!


Shared Configs / Rohyís Blackout Config 20/11
« on: 07:58 AM - 11/19/18 »
Decided to make a small post of my config since there arenít many out for blackout with the latest beta firmware, since the firmware update Iíve had around 20 wins with a tonne of kills ranging up to a 19 kill game tonight!

Mouse: Logitech g502
DPI: 3200
RR: 500
Apex: 500hz
Pad: Logitech G440 hard pad
Firmware: Latest beta firmware

Hip Settings
Sensitivity: 11.50
Sync: common
Smoothing: 0
Steady aim: 3.0
Boost: 0
No curve

ADS Settings
Sensitivity: 34
Sync: Off
Smoothing: 0
Steady aim: 3.0
Boost: 300
No curve
ADS Delay: 200
SAB: 65

Full config code

Will paste my full config sometime tomorrow after work when I have a spare moment.

Also the differant sync is to counter the stutter I was encountering with sync off on hip, hip and ads are extremely smooth with no stutter, this config is for my fellow aim assist lovers out there, having no troubles whatsoever with AA Bubble at all while holding strong AA!

Any questions on my config feel free to ask!


XIM APEX Discussions / Need help with 2 things please!
« on: 07:41 AM - 11/18/18 »
First of all with the newest beta update anyone finding any success at all in bo4 with the sab? I canít for the life of me find a good setting that has little to no jitter, hip only ads working flawlessly, also prefer to use it due to higher AA.

Running 3.2k dpi 500hz, played around with 12k dpi 1000hz and everything but finding most success so far with lower dpi and 500hz with this jitter also playing with sync off, any assistance would be great!!

Second question, due to me being an idiot and buying a PS4 slim and wanting to get a external ssd, if I bought a powered 4 port USB hub will my headset also work through that plugged into the XIM since the ssd needs to be plugged into the PS4 directly?

Also sorry for the big text blocks stuck on my phone atm!! Thanks for any and all input and a huge thanks to the devs for this insane update, aimings never felt so good!!


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