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In Call of Duty rotational aim assist doesn't activate until you are moving at least 30%. I looked at the values of SAB and sometimes it starts below 30, is it possible to make SAB start at 30 so the moment you move rotational aim assist is activated?

Game Support / Vanguard ST deadzone
« on: 05:23 AM - 11/06/21 »
If possible please dont train the vanguard ST on the standard 0.20 deadzone that is way too high, 0.05 is much better

If I had one controller with Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) and one without would the one with DLI perform better with the xim apex?

I'm thinking if its worth buying a xbox series x controller to use with the xim as my current xbox one one doesnt have DLI.

Game Support / Cold war on PC. Xbox or PlayStation ST?
« on: 12:12 PM - 01/05/21 »
I am moving over to PC and curious if there was any benefit to using either the Xbox or PlayStation ST over the other one. I have both ps4 and xbox one controllers.


On coldwar you can change the deadzone of your controller, the default being 10 and 10 was used on the official xim gameplay channel config.

Would there be negative/positive effects if I was to lower this? I can reach as low as 4 before i start to get stick drift.


Hi please can the xim team give us an eta when the cold war st will be available for ps4 ?

Trying to work out the best ADS delay numbers for Call of Duty and was curious when the HIP turning mechanic turns into the ADS turning mechanic in the actual game and not on the xim.

Also (in game) is it a gradual transfer or does it just change instantly after a certain time.


Gun takes 200ms to aim in. Does the ADS mechanic instantly switch on at 200ms too? Or is it a little before/after?

My mouse doesnt jitter when I just move the mouse by itself, but when I move my character and mouse at the same time the mouse has jitter, does anyone know why this is and how to fix it without smoothing please?

I also tried to use the controller for movement just to see if the jitter still happened and it did.

My mouse is g403 hero 500hz 4000 dpi.

Are there any pro/cons to using either setting?

I know sometimes a mouse can't consistently get 1000hz but almost all mouse can consistenly get 500hz, so is there any difference for me setting a mouse at 1000hz or 500hz when the xim is at 500hz?

When playing my BO4 my mouse sometimes locks like in the video example below, this isn't permanent, it comes and goes. This only happens with Off sync, switching to 500hz didn't fix it, it happens with both 12000 and 16000 dpi, G Pro wireless.

Adding 1 smoothing makes it happen less often, 2 even less and 3 never, but I would prefer if I could fix this without smoothing as this seems to be more than just jitter.

I play with low sensitivity 32.4 hip 14.4 ads (1000hz 12kdpi). No boost, no steady aim and SAB off

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading.

This has happened all throughout BO4 (The only game I play), when I click the share button on the controller and save the past 15 minute video something in my config changes and it no longer feels the same. This isn't a one off thing it has happened throughout the past year.

The aim assist and hit reg feels so much different and worse (also in private games against bots), I have to recreate the config and mess around with settings to get it back to how I want it.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can I get some help please.

Technical Support / Search function is broken
« on: 05:10 PM - 09/16/19 »
I am trying to search for the term boost and by most recent and it isnt showing all the results.5 Results in and its showing results from 2017. This is happening for other words to such as "SAB". Is there any fix?

When I move my mouse 90% upwards and 10% to the side (in one motion) it doesn't register the sideways movement and instead just moves straight up, it is like having steady aim but I actually have it set at 0. Please can anyone help?

I have tried and none of these fix it

different mouse
different mouse pad
different dpi
different sync
new config
restarting xim
Changing firmware both xim and manager

Using the g pro wireless and SteelSeries QcK Heavy for BO4 is there a set number or do you just have to test it? I really don't like the aim assist with 4000 DPI

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