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Shared Configs / Anyone got a good gears 5 build?
« on: 07:10 PM - 09/14/19 »
Trying out the base build having trouble

Iím running common sync feels smoother then default. Only adjustments is a slight boost im using the xim YouTube apex guide.

On apex legends when looting right stick is set to my mouse scroller but scrolls through inventories really slow. Any way to speed up the way to speed way xim reads mouse scrolling?

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex legends sync off vs default?
« on: 10:40 AM - 02/11/19 »
Since coming from B04 Iím naturally inclined to roll with sync off but noticing most people are running with the default sync. Itís hard to tell a diffference using in trainer but should I be using default sync to get more AA?

On my xim apex Iím running the manger version 0528 while my firmware version is 1109. So Iím unable to use the new steady aim and boost features. Iíve tried restoring xim and updating and Iím still on old manger version.

So I updated to the new firmware and downloaded the apex manager for my pc but still canít update my xim manager version. Manager is 20180528 and my firmware is 20181109. What am I doing wrong to not update manager version?

I will expirement myself later but does anyone have any info on using new steady aim feature over OBVís ballistic curve? I read that if you use a curve then donít use steady aim. I really have no complaints with my curve sometimes the AA is a little strong but nothing out of ordinary.

Iím using obs ads curve for bo4 with commons sync and itís great but when I go to blackout and snipe itís sfill good but I tend to over aim with a scope. Anyway to set a hotkey to switch to a curve better suited for sniping mid game?

I've been playing fps on pc entire life and just bought a one x and xim apex to play with friends. Is it going to take a while to get use to the m&kb on the xbox minus the fps difference? I'm a 3.0kd player on fortnite and bo4 on pc so wondering if it will be easy to hop on and start dominating once I get my settings fixed up. I have a G502 mouse if that makes a difference and gonna mainly be playing bo4.

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