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I have been using this mouse for a few months now and it has worked amazing but all of a sudden it just keeps powering off and on as im playing. It sounds like a power option but it doesn't seem like it would start out of no where so i unplugged everything from the hub besides the mouse and it still continuous to be a problem but I can play on my pc with it no problem. Does anyone have any solutions?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim has ruined me
« on: 03:49 AM - 07/21/19 »
I originally bought the xim to make the switch to pc easier. I have been using the xim for about a year now and recently decided to switch to PC. I have come to realized how much aim assist really helped me with the xim on console and now find myself playing PC with the xim. The whole point in me switching to PC was to not have to use the xim anymore. I just cant adjust to it. I didn't realize how much the xim has held my hand until I built a PC. Has anyone else switched to PC from using xim? IS any one in this forum a PC gamer and has some tips to get better at PC without the xim? BTW the xim works amazing on the PC even better then it does on console IMO.

Game Support / BFV Firestorm settings?
« on: 10:57 PM - 04/02/19 »
What is everyone using on firestorm? I having trouble with this game. Aiming feels really clunky to me. Iím just curious to what everyone else is using

Game Support / What sync should I be using for division 2?
« on: 12:27 AM - 03/22/19 »
The new st just came out and wondering what sync to use. I think this game only runs at 30 fps so should I use slow?

Support / [Q/A] Question about XIM apex
« on: 01:04 AM - 03/19/19 »
So Iím ordering a new XIM apex tomorrow because my wife accidentally broke my other one and was wondering if I would lose all my configurations? Also how fast do you guys ship the product? Iím getting next day shopping bc my life is torture right now with a controller lol.

Anyone know the sensitivity differences from 500hz to 1000hz? So I know how to match my 500hz sensitivity bc there is definitely a change

Hardware Compatbility / Mouse that pollz at 1000hz
« on: 02:09 AM - 01/20/19 »
Iíve been using the g502 for awhile now i like it but it only polls at like 900hz. Itís fine but I was wondering if there is any mice out there that 100% will pill at 1000hz consistently

Game Support / What sync to use for bo4
« on: 04:54 PM - 01/03/19 »
So Iíve always used default in bo4 bc itís feels nicer then common to me. Previous cod I used slow and common but this cod default works best for me but I have friends that tell me that I should be using common because itís a 60fps game that Iím not using full potential of my XIM that off and default are old features and shouldnít be used. Can anyone please inform me with correct information on synchronization. I play blackout not multiplayer btw

Support / [ACTIVE] Problems with xim
« on: 02:52 AM - 12/22/18 »
Controller doesnít connect to Xbox one controller. XIM apex does not flash yellow or anything just stays one solid color and does not flash yellow. If I powercycle XIM 15 times I can get it to work but can come quite annoying. It will power up the controller but thatís it. Iíve tried 2 other controllers with other cables.

Please note Iím on the latest beta firmware

Edit: now controller powers off by it self and disconnects but found a easier solution to temporarily fix it is to unplug Sony Nav and g502 Plug in Controller the plug in the 2 ports 

Feedback / Might switch back to controller
« on: 04:46 AM - 12/19/18 »
 XIM apex has been a wonderful experience since I got it about 5 months ago. Iíve enjoyed it a lot but Iíve always been a controller player and it just seems like a hassle when it comes to switching games. When it comes to cod itís amazing and easy to set up but if I want to play a game like borderlands, Skyrim, red dead, or even fortnite i find my self spending hours to find settings that work for me for each game and itís just too much for me. I guess I just donít have patience for it but other then that I have enjoyed smackin kids in bo4 and ww2.

Tired of waiting hours in between brackets bc a ref wants to investigate that Iím using a mouse bc the other team wants to blame that on there loss and would like to know what settings you use to still be able to play at a high level and not seem so ximmey. If you could help me out please send me a pm on this site.

Game Support / Off syncs Problem bo4
« on: 04:04 AM - 11/14/18 »
See a lot of recommendations to use off synce with bo4 but it feels very stuttery or laggy to me. Doesnít feel smooth in a viewing perspective. Any ready any this is happing

I use 500hz 4K dpi with a g502

Game Support / Crackdown support?
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/12/18 »
How would I play this game on the Xbox one isnít a config? Is there another st that works with it? Jw bc it was just giving out for free on the Xbox one

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM apex not working correctly
« on: 01:15 AM - 10/31/18 »
Had my XIM for few months now and the past few days I notice whole playing once every few hours my sensitivity feels way faster then normal then what I have it set too. A hard reset fixes the problem but it always comes back. Iím updated the the newest firm.

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