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So for the longest time ive been using MW st for warzone and id always use max dpi 25600...off sync...i was able to manipulate aim assist to my own liking by simply booting up warzone then going to task manager then details then changing the priority of the game. When i changed it to normal i noticed the bubble was the stiffest. If i ran it on high still somewhat stiff but also a little looser. An then if i changed the priority to real time the bubble was the loosest.

 Ive played like this for months an on the fly could change it anytime i felt i wanted. Out of nowhere now every setting they are all stiff with the aim assist bubble. Noted i always use 200 sab. It weird for me more delay seemed to always loosen the as bubble. Now not the case. I read an assumed real time priority was putting all my pc usage to the game. Which i read can cauSe lag in things like mice an keyboard etc cause ur putting everything into the game. So i assumed its prob causing controller delay maybe? Which is possibly causing the delay?

But now its all changed. Even real time the bubble is always stiff. Didnt know if had any expert pc guys in here that maybe knew whats happened why isnt real time making my aa bubble super loose anymore?

XIM APEX Discussions / Question about updating manager
« on: 06:04 PM - 01/24/22 »
I normally never update my stuff like manager or firmware etc...has there been any changes with sab? For instance i recently reinstalled manager cause ive been using the MW st for warzone for long time cause thats what i thought was suppose to use. Well recently found out was a warzone st so figured id try it well i had to just reinstall app to get it to show up.

Long story short now when i use the MW st for warzone it doesnt feel at all how it did aim assist wise. My biggest thing is. If sab over time has been changed would just updating the manager affect that? Sab use to dramatically help me move around the aim assist bubble while still staying on target. The myth was it was only activated when strafing or moving but after people tested on gtuner that wasnt the case the sab worked even if you were standing still an just moving mouse. Im horrible about rambling. Has sab been messed with at all? Only other thing i can think of is the aim mechanics changed idk

XIM APEX Discussions / But confused with warzone st
« on: 07:59 PM - 01/05/22 »
So maybe ive been doing it wrong. Why is there a warzone in game settings when there isnt a warzone specific st? An why are the deadzones just say .10? Is thst for both xbox an ps4 controller? I thought we were suppose to use mw st? Bit confused

XIM APEX Discussions / Power issues??
« on: 07:33 PM - 09/17/21 »
Im a bit confused even have the adapter for the xim yet lately keyboard still disconnects frequently can i crank up the volts on the adaptor or will i risk frying it?? The adaptor is set to 5v

So does anyone here still test things everytime i find people who at one point actually tested features to fully understand them an for sure know what they are doing an how its interacting with the xim i notice they no longer are even active at all...

Hey guys just curious if my sensitivity on off sync 1000hz is 100
 What would my sensitivity be on default sync?
An then what would it be on 125hz an off sync 🤔🤔

XIM APEX Discussions / So as far as sab goes???
« on: 12:33 AM - 01/13/21 »
Has anyone figured out does say 200 sab vs 100 sab just have more delay or what? What is the differences? We established sab does effect right stick movement which i think is a good thing not just left stick...does sab off make game more responsive or same as it is when at 0??

So on warzone wanted to try using ads translator only an just delete ads page all together.. an adjust ads in game settings. What exactly would that in theory make the game feel like? Would it make my hip now feel off? Are the deadzones different? People claim hip translator can cut through janky aim assist sometimes how so? Is it a deadzone difference? Will it make it feel floaty? Etc etc?

Game Support / Cod warzone hip translator for ads?
« on: 11:17 PM - 12/16/20 »
Anyone know is there a calculation for the conversation say my ads xim sense is 31.25 if i switch it to now hip translator on ads anyone know what it would be?

XIM APEX Discussions / xim apex on pc with ps4 controller
« on: 12:46 AM - 12/15/20 »
so without hearing "wHy uSe XiM oN pC" simply just asking since ps4 controller has been a issue for long time mainly posting this if people have found work arounds?? yes i know xim is no supported on pc yada yada yada. once again just simply asking if anyone has found fix to this by now. its acting as if it sees it in ds4 windows but at the same time nothing happens when moving xim mouse or actual controller...yes i know xbox controller works on pc...once again just asking if anyone has found solution to this for ps4 controller

also whats odd is in the xim app at bottom it just shows weird looking letter c then to the right says "up"

example warzone ps4 deadzone is 0.5 an xbox is 0.7 so not that big a difference...but fortnite xbox is 20 and ps4 is 12...my question is the lower deadzone st should be more responsive correct??

In the past some have said these are simply sensitivity multipliers. Not sure if thats the case. Has anyone tested do these curves affect the 1:1 though?? After playing with them to me mjfames curve example slide it to the right to 60 side up 100 it seems to cut through aim assist more(not sure) to me though doing what matutaiki01 does click it to the right once (2) then slides it up to 100 to me it makes the aim assist stickier an possibly more responsive??? Which makes me think is why matutaiki01 it helped how he keeps flipping character to character then once landing on them it just stuck to them.

What are your thoughts on these curves an how they interact with aim assist...my main question though is do these curves affect the 1:1 feel?? Cause to me they arent just simply sensitivity multipliers but thats just what it feels like to me i have no proof or data.

Shared Configs / Question on mj fame config
« on: 11:12 PM - 12/01/20 »
Ive used this config alot off an on also with different dpiís my question is this placebo aside... does it matter how you do the curve assuming either way its linear? Example mjfame says to max xim sense to 500 then adjust curve accordingly example being slide bar to the right to 60 then slide up to 100.

 Has anyone compared doing that to simply sliding the bar to the right once making it 2 then sliding up to 100? Which this now allows you to adjust your xim sense normally example this way my sensitivity  is like 17.50 on 800 dpi. Has anyone tried both curves? Do they interact the same? In my opinion the main factor to his config was the smoothing an that was mainly it i guess the dpi also. But the curve i would think could be done both ways mentioned above an be the same? But due to the xim responding to things oddly sometimes didnt know if people have tested this theory an noticed a difference in using either curve this is assuming also you make sure your 360 spin is identical using both curves to compare

Also whats peoples thoughts on high dpi? Am i the only one who feels really high dpi yes can cut through aim assist better but also makes it stickier at same time an makes interaction with aim assist sometimes hitchy or choppy? I cant tell if its the high dpi possibly confusing the controller maybe?

if you do this do you then not have to worry about the transition time delays? if you are using hip translator on both hip an ads page or just using no ads page at all??

so with the logitech update anyone notice any difference between the old max dpi an new? is it even noticeable as far as mouse movement goes an then how has it affected your aim assist interaction compared to each other??? just curious.

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