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so just curious on ur guys thoughts does the sab help with aim assist? in my unbiased opinon to me doesnt help aim assist what so ever to make it like a controller. is the only way to get as close to possible is using a sony nav??? cause even sab at 100 or 200 still notice no difference in the aim assist

i dont ever play on the controller so guess i should try to test it but say for example i click build mode on keyboard(F) then left click(wall) really fast my gun shoots like i dont even go into build mode guess from clicking stuff so fast back when i played on controller i dont ever remember delays like that? is that an issue for anyone else? is it power related like help if i got a power adapter for the apex? i run link also on laptop. like i said maybe controller it does it to but when i spectate players on controllers doesnt seem to slow them down at all not sure though. and if this needs to be moved to another section i apologize.

so first off wanna say hopefully i get some feedback on this post noticed sadly i bought this device and getting help or even responses on these forums is hit or miss and mostly with me seems to be miss. people just read an then leave. but anyways basically ill be playing an at random times its like xim will ignore my key movement or mouse movement  an it throws me off especially if im in the middle of a fight anyone else experience this or have a fix??? sometimes my person almost like freezes up for a second

XIM APEX Discussions / button getting stuck
« on: 11:32 AM - 12/01/18 »
so what causes certain scripts to get stuck?? i know its forbidden here to talk about how to script them but can i atleast ask whats causing them to sometimes get stuck like if i hold left click or right click every once in a while it gets stuck i have to click it again to stop it

XIM Link / is xim link causin delays????
« on: 11:57 PM - 11/11/18 »
ok so been using couple scripts on fortnite with xim link kept wondering why my building felt delayed im  guessing there isnt a fix but basically when i build or anything def a delay laying stairs walls or swapping fast from build mode to gone ill accidently shoot after holding build down like wall whivh is also fire. guessing no way to fix im guessing its cause mouse an keyboard are in the laptop instead of the apex directly

XIM Link / Xim link not compatible??
« on: 11:11 PM - 10/19/18 »
So the belkin from my undertanding is the only cable to work this is the message im getting from it though. Windows 10 is whats on the system now i just bought the cable an downloaded link

Its saying the operating system on this computer is not supported by the belkin

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