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Just got the hyperX cloud 2s and Iíve noticed unless I use the USB 3.0 cable and plug it directly into the PS4 I cannot use the mute function on the headset. Is it possible to use the Xim and plug the headset into my PS4 USB port or does it have to be plugged into the jack?


General Discussion / Siege settings help + very confused
« on: 07:19 PM - 10/17/18 »
Hi, I just got my xim apex today and I've been fiddling around with it a lot, watching a lot of yotube vids about it etc trying to familiarise myself with it and such.

However, when I went into game, the apex was extremely slow (in terms of mouse aiming speed ads speed hip speed etc. I went from 1000Hz to 125Hz and still I barely noticed a difference.

To get some sort of bareable result, I had to change hip to 400.00 and change the ADS to 250.00.

The only issue with this is, I can't control recoil at all while it is like this, it simply doesn't work. Should the defualt settings 15.00 not be pretty fast? After watching some youtubers use settings of like 15 & 45 and still have quick ads movement when they moved the mouse I knew either I did something wrong or somethings wrong with it itself (which I highly doubt)

Any help would be appreciated!


General Discussion / Couch or Monitor?
« on: 10:01 PM - 10/13/18 »
I am purchasing a xim soon and was just wondering which would be better?

I have a 52Ē 4K LG OLED UHD TV with game mode and I usually sit on the floor directly infront of it so my visibility isnít too bad. I can usually see everything going on within the screen and donít have to struggle to see things etc etc. As it is a newer TV Iím guessing the input lag will be below 20ms.

I live in a small apartment at the moment for uni, I donít really have the space to put a monitor if I buy one.

I havenít really PC games before or used a MnK on a small monitor before so i was wondering would it be okay if a player like me used a MnK on a TV?

Not asking for opinions, but please feel free to share them. Just asking if a person like me who sits up close, has good vision and a decent input lag should be able to use a TV and be able to bear it.

Iíd like to play R6S.

Thanks for any help!

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