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Hardware Compatbility / Xim Apex/PC Connection via USB Hub
« on: 11:45 AM - 10/01/20 »

i know this topic has been discussed a thousand Times, but ive got a special situation here.

Ps4 4
Xim Apex
Roccat Horde aimo
Roccat kone pure owl eye
Corsair void pro
ONE Monitor (AOC cg27g1)
Asus rog throne iq

I Hope i'll be able to Connect all these via USB Hub, so that i:
1: Just have to Change the Input in the Monitor
2. Be able to use mouse, kb and Headset without switching Ports.

Extra nice would be If i would be able to Switch from wired mouse and kb to wireless and still geht the Same result. Is that possible?

Thank you Guys!

Hi guys,

I ran the xim apex and ps4 for a while now and its been a pleasure. All worked fine. Until now.

I ordered the couchmaster cycon and connected all.
Means: the peripheres in the couchmaster plugged in the intern usb hubs.
The usb a cable plugged into the xim adapter (Not the switcher) and the adapter into the ps4.

Mouse and keyboard do have power, so the hub of the couchmaster seems to work.
Yes, i tried to switch the usb ports for the periphere, still no reaction from them ingame( r6 siege).
Yes, i switched cables (usb2 and 3)
Yes, i even tried it with the apex switch between.

What am i doing wrong? Do i need to set something in the app config?
Please help me guys, im freaking desperate...

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