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Is it supported and Iím not seeing it and if not anyone try another game for Crsed and had success?

Controller?  Itís been months since Iíve played anything mouse related but Iím getting the urge.

Can I use a DS4 with the Apex on my 5 or does it have to be a 3rd party controller?

Do we know if we will ever get to use the Xim with the Dual Sense?

Iíve read two different things.  Apex works on Ps5 through DS4 but then I read Apex only works through 3rd party controllers on pS5.

Can somebody clear this up for me please.

I just got the 5 and wanted to try Blackout.  So I read about the Ps5 with Apex.  From my understanding after reading that you need to use the Ds4 on the 5.

So what I did was unplug the Apex from my Pro(leaving all devices connected to the usb 3 way provided with Xim) and plugged into front USB on 5.  Basically straight up transfered it.

Then I read that the navigation needs to be off before the Xim is powered on.  So I kept the Nav off until the Xim had power.

So far all attempts have failed to get the Nav to work. 

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.

Changing weapons and repairing armor.  My problem is I have changing weapons to the scroll wheel so for me to repair armor I have to grab my ds4 and press triangle.  Other than switching my change weapons to a different key are there other options?

I use the navigation and a mouse LG502.

How do others do it?

Absolutely nothing has changed and now I canít get my Nav to play in wireless mode.  When I turn on Xim software the mouse, DS4, and Nav(only when connected by wire) show up.  As soon as I unplug wire from Nav to go wireless the icon drops from Xim software and on my TV an icon pops up asking about a new controller being detected.  If I press X and accept nothing happens.... when I attempt to do again but this time I press O and ignoring and nothing happens.  Still no wireless.

I have not been able to play for 2 weeks now due to this so if anyone could please give some insight Iíd greatly appreciate it!

When I turned everything on I could never get my DS4 and Sony Nav to show up in the Xim software control panel.  I tried restarting the PS4 pro, unplugging everything and plugging back in, tried a different DS, tried switching the connections on the hub... nothing has worked.

Quite literally nothing has changed with my set up.  My Apex stays plugged in and when ever I use I just turn it on. 

Anyone offer any insight?

Edit: https://ibb.co/9WXC2mc

^^^^ picture of the Xim control panel where only the mouse is detected. 

My mouse, Nav, and controller but nothing works.  I canít move, aim, shoot... nothing.

Anyone have an ideas?

As soon as I turn everything on my dpad acts as if itís pressed to the left no matter what I do.  Only thing that has changed is the Azeron instead of Navigation.

Trying to get whatever else Iíll need before going home and enjoying it.

status change during the manufacturing stage?


Or is it more like one day while checking your email you have a new email from shipping company stating a package is on the way?  Iíve had so many times where these ďstatus updatesĒ do not work as intended, why I ask.

Iím so excited to get this device into my possession!!

I ordered it 6/6/20 and Iím Gulf Coast(Louisiana), USA... so if anyone else in these region ordered one and got it... if you could share the time it took Iíd greatly appreciate it.


Update at some point or will it just got to ďshippingĒ or none of the above and one day Iíll get a email stating it shipped?

I just canít wait to get this device.  Thanks.

Has anyone played BF2 with the Apex?

General Discussion / Is there a Cuisine Royal config?
« on: 11:01 AM - 03/21/20 »
Seeing if anyone plays this and uses the apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Is there a Cuisine Royal config?
« on: 10:07 AM - 03/21/20 »
Anyone play this game with an Apex?

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