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Support / [ACTIVE] Need Help configuring for left handed
« on: 07:41 AM - 10/03/18 »
I bought the Apex last week, have got it all set up properly and am playing PUBG. It is working amazing, super smooth and responsive. I have an XB1X. I am left handed but have played with a mouse in my right hand for years but want to try using my left hand. I am also using the regular XB controller in my left hand for strafing etc. To change to left handed I went into Xbox accessories and reversed the thumb sticks. Now when I go back into PUBG it work as intended, the movement of the thumb sticks are reversed. But when I use the mouse (Logitech G 305) it now performs only strafing WASD movement and I can't figure out how to make revert back to the previous steering movement. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks and thanks again for this amazing product!

Hi, I'm just planning to get back into FPS gaming with the XB1X. Last played mostly with PS3, COD, BF etc using the  fragfx controller with good results. I was quite comfortable using the wand in the left hand with the mouse. I'm now thinking of getting the Logitech G502 mouse but not sure if I should buy some type of maybe a mini KB type of deal like Logitech G13 or if the Apex can be used with the Xbox controller and the mouse at the same time. So just using the controller in the left hand like if it was a wand/chuck? Would that be too cumbersome of a system? I used to play PC with kb but haven't in a long long time so might be a bit of a learning curve to get good on the kb again. Or are there any wands that can be bought for the Xbox like as with Sony's Nav?

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