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XIM APEX Discussions / Update Controller
« on: 04:51 AM - 11/15/21 »
On the Xbox Series X does anyone else get a pop up to update the controller every time you turn the console on, then it goes into teh app where there is no update needed.

I am on the latest firmware for my xim and manager.

XIM APEX Discussions / So is RUST any good on XIM??
« on: 04:33 AM - 06/23/21 »
I am thinking of shelling out for the game as I have a Series X on the way. Was hoping to get some opinions from people playing with XIM. Does it play nice? 

Game Support / Hunter: Call of the Wild
« on: 05:47 PM - 06/08/20 »
Does anyone know of any ST's that might work well with the Hunter: Call of the Wild? Thanks...

XIM APEX Discussions / Help me understand
« on: 06:58 PM - 04/10/20 »
Xim is to emulate M&K right? In games that dont offer M&K support? So why would one bother using a Xim in modern shooters, Modern Warfare for example when it has native M&K support?

Seems like we try to get a 1:1 movement comparing it to native M&K, and eliminate the AA bubble? Why dont players just plug in a M&K??? Why still use a Xim?

XIM APEX Discussions / I think I need a new USB HUB
« on: 09:28 AM - 09/12/19 »
I was playing tonight and my controls just went dead. I think my apex device is fine because I can plug it into my PC and manage it as normal so i am not worried there. When I have everything plugged into my hub I only have control of my controller, power to my keyboard is dead and i can see faint power getting to my mouse, ie lights power up and then do dim, flicker.  Does this sound like a problem with the hub??
I plug my mouse, keyboard into my PC and they allwork fine, they fail to register once plugged into my hub.

Can anyone recommend or lnk me to a new powered usb hub.

On my android when I download the Apex manager app the version is 5.00.20180528 though the firmware version is the latest 5.00.20190719. On my pc the manager matches the latest firmware and I see all the new feature but on my phone all the new features are missing, so boost and SAB etc etc.

What is the trick to getting the latest manager on my phone, sorry if this has been asked before, I searched but could not find...

XIM APEX Discussions / DayZ retrain
« on: 10:49 PM - 07/14/19 »
So with DayZ gaining some popularity now, I was curious as to whether we might see a retrain of the ST. It really is an amazing game. There has been a couple of significant updates since the ST was released, the controller scheme has changed and some buttons are labeled incorrectly. My biggest concern is that sometimes the crosshair feels stuck when doing micro movements, so I move my mouse harder and then the crosshair jumps, it's hard for sniping.

XIM APEX Discussions / A couple of things
« on: 01:21 AM - 09/16/18 »
First this a new account as I could not log in all of a sudden, kept getting told to verify my already verified email address but the verification email would never turn up, weird!!

Second, I am getting a warning on my configs (PUBG) saying "your configs mouse translation is out of date.  Config recreation is required to update to latest". So what does this mean and what am I meant to do.

I worry because I have my configs right where I want them and for some reason every time I copy and re paste my config into another I get an error, I really dont want to have recreate them from scratch...

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