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for some reason i suck using xim 1.. ive had it for 2 months and switching off mouse to controller is a big difference! i dunno why but i own more with controller

xim feels kinda like pc... yet completely different
... Feels "laggy" like low response time (not big, but noticeable)

i am also a pc gamer (Steam CSS and DODS FTW!!) and i dunno why

ive tried many different configs, and i have a 1200 DPI mouse. They all dont compare to controller
The big thing i like is being able to use autohotkey - hacks ppretty much.   

[email protected] - controller KDR 1.73
         XIM KDR: 1.5 (and dropping)

 - the only games i play with it is cod4 and [email protected]

am i the only one ?

XIM 1 Discussions / About to buy a usb extension
« on: 05:53 PM - 04/21/09 »
10 ft. becuase my computer is now to far from my PS3 after i moved it

anyone know if this will stop it from working?

is this possible?

i love using M/k for fps games but not for others

but i would like to rearrange buttons and add Autohotkey to the controllers.   

Play games with Controller through XIM ??

i wish someone would make a program,  this way i could use controller for games like Racing, fighters, ETC. and still use Autohotkey, or to switch around buttons.

Now im not saying i will do this for FPS games,  because i love K/M but i hope someone can make a program to use controller (full support) and be able to go through XIM


Is it possible to move forward, left and right with a joy stick??

im not saying replace the mouse,  the mouse will be for looking and the joystick will be for moving, the only problem, its not a key you could pick,

im thinking someone that is pro at autohotkey could make binds??

if not WSAD isnt that bad, i just want to test it

Make LT (L1) Toggle instead Of Hold

Im pretty sure this is possible with autohotkey,  but i am a noob at making scripts... can anyone make a script for this? (it will make it more like the PC version)

also, something i don't really want but would be cool to mess with. Make crouch (b,O) hold instead of toggle. like when you hold the button xim presses it once and when you let it go the xim presses it again, it seem kinda harder to configure, but if anyone can come up would something(in my eyes)

THX in advance

ps i meant to only post this in request, but i messed up sorry

it seems like a great program, but i cant get it to work. It weird to set up buttons!!

well someone please help

and the desciption of it did not help me

Playstation / Xim 2 for ps3 possible?
« on: 05:28 PM - 03/02/09 »
is it possible and should i wait to see if it is??

is there a big difference between  xim 1 and 2??

ok, i used to be a PC gamer, then i switched to consoles.  Im not a noob at controller, i can use it very well, and can kill many peoplebut i get bored of controller sometimes, and that why i would want to switch off, not because i suck at controller, but because i get bored, and i want to have that PC feeling of a game again

bottom line: is it worth about 75$ to get xim (everything included) with the specifications above?

is it pretty close? because im a fan of css and i wan wondering


]i already have this for xbox (got off craigslist)
Where do you buy xim ?
Where do you buy  ps2 - ps3 adapter?

General Discussion / Is this a good mouse?
« on: 03:25 PM - 02/16/09 »

i really, REALLY!! want to buy xim, i just dont have a computer in my room (where i play 360 and ps3) but i have a 42 in hdtv.  I realize that xim is made for near computers, so i dont know how to set it.  i tried puting a desk in the middle of my room (to put keyboard + mouse) and it looks and feels awkward. Im thinking of putting a table in the middle, and the computer off to the side by the desk, but that doesnt seem right either

What Im Trying To Say Is:

Does anyone use xim on a large tv/monitor?

How do you set it up? (please dont say you sit a foot away from it)

Please help me with ideas! 

Is it a good idea to do xim with 42 in?

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