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Xbox / GameBattles fortnite + BO4
« on: 01:31 AM - 12/04/18 »
Anyone here play GB? Looking for chill people to play fortnite and BO4 ladders.

Iím NA West just leave a GT or discord username and Iíll hit you up.

Game Support / Beating lag compensation in COD BO4?
« on: 07:57 PM - 11/29/18 »
To any tech savy people:

I feel like my internet connection for this (And any game for that matter) is terrible as I have a 150 upload speed and 15 download speed and it is the best internet offered in my area. Could this be a reason why I get @#$% on by lag compensation and just lag issues in general on basically all video games?

Literally since the beginning of call of duty I seem to always be at a disadvantage in this game and I have no idea why.

I always seem to lose gunfights even though I'm getting first shot, people are constantly rubber banding on my screen and jumping and strafing faster than my game can react and hit registration seems to 10000% be an issue vs most "good players" who seem to know how to abuse this lag compensation in their favor.

Now even with the XIM, I still cannot win gunfights despite shooting first quite often.

Anyone have any tips on how to beat this? As I can't compete in competitive cod as I seem to lose so many gunfights where I shoot first and then hit reg just seems to stop. I literally can't kill anyone in this game that is running SMG + double stock combos.....

Quite depressing.

also no matter what setup I use in this game the SAUG smg seems to have some weird recoil or strong aim assist and I can never correct the aim as if there is an AA bubble or something blocking me.

Either way @#$% this game, thanks for any tips if there are any.

Game Support / Fortnite detecting XIM ?
« on: 12:00 PM - 10/11/18 »
Just got booted out of a game mid match and fortnite told me that i was using wrong input device? told me to disconnect gamepad or mouse and keyboard and restart fortnite.

uploading clip right now ill post when it's finished

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