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Been using xim now for about a month and freaking love it, but there are some little problems I encounter almost everyday that are just annoying. I'll give you an example I encounter everyday.

I am using a Redragon Mammoth 801 with 9 buttons. Upon start up all mouse buttons work except the extra buttons. I can look around, all mouse scrolling works as well as left and right click but the extra side buttons don't work. I am using a Ps3 nav controller in the middle slot and have been using it wired in the second slot. But have also been unplugging it too.

Am I supposed to use it wireless using the second slot?

Also it flashes rapidly when in wireless mode is this normal?

Do I need to re-pair the nav controller every start up of my xbox using the cable?

Why does my mouse loose some functionality everytime i start up? The only way I can fix the buttons is unplug the mouse from usb hub and replug it back in.

Also what is the best way to charge the nav controller?

Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to fix all these little bugs that are driving me crazy, i'm sure its something i'm doing wrong but wanted to ask you experienced guys.

Game Support / Another Destiny 2 post
« on: 12:23 PM - 09/05/18 »
Ok I have been through all the D2 post about RMLs curves and aux macros. My question comes has anyone played the game for a long time and then tried the curves and enjoyed the game better? I am using DPI of 8400, 1000 polling, sensitivity 15 hip/ 14.50 ads and slow SYNC. I have noticed that the AA in D2 is ridiculous compared to BF1 which i started playing with xim apex.

Is it worth testing these curves out?

Does it changing the X/Y ratio change of say 1.25 help with recoil? or should i just learn to use the regular?

Sorry to bring this subject up again but I want to some more opinions.

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