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Honestly I do not want to face PC players. I want to face console players but people are saying that XIM users with face against PC players? Is this true? I hope not otherwise I might quit XIM. Just saying :(

If yes may I ask what in game settings do you and what numbers do you have for steady aim, boost etc. I know ADS are preference but I'm pretty sure my in game and some of my XIM Apex settings are wrong.

Care to share you settings with me who plays on 12k DPI?

I send free nudes in return thanks :)

... Just kidding 👀

Its happening on all my games. I have the XIM apex with the latest settings.

Basically in all my game, the cursor keeps moving left, right, up and down randomly like it keeps jumping and jittering. This happens when I shoot or idling and not touching my mouse. Why is this happening? Does anyone know how to fix this? I play with 12k and 1000hz and I play with a mousepad.

Appreciate everyones help.

Game Support / Halo MCC settings?
« on: 05:39 PM - 12/11/18 »
This game is like dead right now but I'm having the most fun playing HALO MCC. I was wondering what sync is the best for Halo MCC? I play Halo 3 MCC most of the time. Also what about the new features? What should we put for those? Appreciate everyones help! :)

Legit bored... OW, COD, BF, Fornite... all boring as F.

Hi I don't know what's going on but when I ADS my mouse jitters everywhere and same when I aim normal my crossair moves itself and it feels floaty. How do I fix this in the XIM settings? Im playing with 12k dpi and 500hz my in-game settings are normal like your usual xim overwatch settings but not sure if my XIM is right. The sync is common right? What about soothing and X/y etc? Appreciate everyone's help can someone paste there settings please

Hi this isn't to do with XIM but can you bind a key on your keyboard and for my example I want to make my left click mouse to click like 1000 times in 1 second etc etc how do I do this? Will this work on XIM?

I know you can do this on PC but what about XIM what third party program do I need for this ? Appreciate everyone's help.

I don't have a trigger finger so knowing how to do this is good for me :)

Game Support / BFV what's the best gun to use??
« on: 07:38 AM - 11/26/18 »
First time BF player here and I feel all gun sucks because the maps are do big. I find AR so useless because I can't gun down someone across the map without csgo recoil lol. I only find the M1 carbine the best and the smile and gewr sucks sooo bad because reload time takes longer than my morning poop oh and the ammo clip  is just woow.... Best gun for high kill count?

Support / [Q/A] i dont see new features on my xim apex
« on: 08:07 PM - 11/24/18 »
I have downloaded the latest firmware and i dont see the boost and steady aim feature. anyone know why?

Game Support / Best PUBG confiq?
« on: 10:00 PM - 11/22/18 »
I quit PUBG months ago and I want to get back and I was wondering what do people role now?

I play with 12000dpi and 500hz

May someone post there latest settings or guide? Appreciate it

How do I fix this? Appreciate everyone's help

Is this possible? I would like to check out fortnite with KnM on my switch. If this is possible is there a guide? Appreciate everyone's help

General Discussion / Black ops 4 boosting lobbies?
« on: 09:08 PM - 10/12/18 »
Do they exist? I wanna boost my rank and KD. Can we start one up? Please don't say this is sad... '(

Game just came out and would love to know what you guys/gals are rolling on your XIM :)

I know the warface profile is not out yet but surely there is a game that has warface like game controllers on xim apex? Appreciate everyone’s help

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