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I was using a very old st from a very long time ago for fortnit with legacy controls and was just so use to it . So i never updated when they had released a st for exponential and than i think you guys went back to legacy again.

Im just wonderingn can i use the current one for exponential. Or is there a old link for the exponential one since they took out legacy now officially.

I know everyone right now is saying focus on one for linear but right now even with my very old st that was for legacy.. exponential still feels the closest thing to legacy than linear which i like..

Right now with my old st .. exponential dont feel bad it almost feels the same as far as sens and control of my mouse movement only thing i notice is when i go to ads or shoot. Ill get this strong pull in a random direction randomly at times.. its like it skips across the screen my crosshairs or something. 

So i downloaded the new st for fortnt and still have the old one i also downloaded the new latest game support when it was out a lil while back for modern warfare.

What im wondering is the old config that i still have in my list of load configs.. would that old fortnt config still be the old st before legacy new st... or would have that one been updated too?

Im not quite sure on this...

Game Support / So what do we use for FT right now ?
« on: 04:19 PM - 09/27/19 »
so wondering with the new update for fortni what do we use right now or is there a link to new st .. i dont think ive updated mine in quite awhile.

Should i mess with the advance settings at all or disable them and keep my settings how they are....

If anyone is using the advance setting so far and  has tips what they use for there advance settings ingame i would appreicate it also.

Alright guys i was playing on a very old firmware and dont remember which manager i was using for fortnit. It was during the time when the game starting giving input lag error and kicking us out of the game.

So it was one of the beta firmware versions i was using.. It wasnt the one with the sab options  it was one of the quick firmwares that the mods were throwing out there real quick for us to use.

Which one exactly i dont remember..

My settings were kinda diff for most but i was using 800 dpi, 70 hip and 60 ads , common sync , smoothing 3 for both .

And everythign felt fine with those settings  . my builds would place perfectly..

Right now i dont know what to do , im trying the new firmwares and if i use the exact same settings as above its like holy cow my sens feels so freaking fast like its all over the place , its like my sens feels 20 times faster now.

Thing is if i try to lower it now , now my builds feel so way off .. like nothing places.. like in creativ to warm up doing a double ramp push i cant even place a ramp side by side anymore its just feels so way off ... idk what to do here...

is the new firmware so much diffrent right now that it drastically changed the sens to the mechanics ?? i just dont understand what happen ?? 

okay so i think im tottaly screwed. Ive been playing on this old beta firmaware and also been on old manager version for a long time now.. Pretty much back last year when FT was giving that input message ... and i was using one of the beta firmwares back than and never updated my phones manager version either.. like i was still playing on the old version with no SAB option or anything .

Well now i upgraded everything , still dont see this sab option in settings. or maybe the latest one doesnt even have that .

Well anyways... with using the exact same settings as the old version.. the movement and sens litterally feels 10 times faster like all over the place.. ive tried lowering it , the sync common feels weird now... In game in FT like when i go to build just placement of builds feel so off.. I dont know what to do or what i need to change... :(

Hey guys ive been playing on a very old firmware.. was wondering. If someone can link to the guide of updating to the new one but also tell me how i can back up old firmware or reset it if i dont want to use the new firmware .. thank you !


Well ive been playing ftnite on xbox for awhile, and was in the process of changing my gaming area setup and was temporary playing xim on pc so i could watch movies on dual monitor and what not . I finally got my setup done and i went i went back to xbox omg the difference in just character movement with xim on pc vs console was huge.

i kept my same settings i would use for console when playing on pc.
With the same setting in console my character movement just feels so fast , it felt like my sens was super high and crosshair all over the place, it actually made me feel dizzy vs the xim on pc with same settings.

I dont know why with same settings  on xim pc and xim console my sens felt extremely different between the two. Im assuming cause of somethign to do with console turn gap or something like that , that ive seen you guys mention.

Now im kinda stuck with trying to get my setting to feel comfortable again like how it would be with xim on pc.

Im wondering what steps or advance things i could try with the xim to make character movement feel smoother, should i mess with the curves and what not.. just Trying to get some tips or if someone could recommend me some advance settings set up for me.

Hey guys question?

What would my pc in-game sens be equivalent to my console xim sens. How would  i figure out my xim sens in game to normal pc ingam sens.  Just quick example: lets say console xy at max , hip 50 , dpi 1200,    what would that be equlivent to on pc ingame how do i figure out these numbers, is there some kind of conversion chart i could use ?

Hey guys, I play on xbox and really want to order a new monitor for xbox. Right now i use one of my crappy monitors i use to use for my pc.

Now I dont know much about monitors and when it comes to console. I know theres 4k monitors and the xbox x supports 4k.  Now my question is this, from what i read, the xbox x cant support anything over 60fps ,

Now correct me if im wrong here im not sure: but so im debating maybe i should get a 4k since they max out only to 60hz and since the xbox x maxes out at 60fps anyways , essentrially i would be getting best of both worlds max what xbox x fps can handle plus all the prettiness that comes with the 4k. But idk how much of all that is really true. Like does a 4k really handle a smooth 60fps or not.

If  ppl can tell me 4k makes a huge difference on xbox x maybe ill consider. But for me as long as the colors look good im fine.

Im wondering if i should just get a good 144hz gaming monitor , so that way i get best performance for competitive and also i could switch back and forth and use it for my pc also.  Just seeing whats a good monitor you would recommened. ?

i see a lot of benQ being talked about but price tag is up there, idk if theres a good alternative to a benq out there at cheaper price or not. just seeing your guys thoughts. Thank you.

For guys that play fortnite on xbox. can you guys go and check your cross platform settings. Mine is auto set to on , i cant change it or switch it to off. i try to change it to off and hit save and it auto goes back to on.  Another guy in here made a post about it and i talked about it there also.

Seeing if all guys on xbox could check to see if there able to diable there cross platform settings or change it and it saves right.

Ive already tried with a controller no xim like i mention in other post, it didnt work. Im starting to wonder if they did detect with that recent input block which i dont think was a glitch. If epic has perm put our accounts into cross platform on and we cant change it.

Okay so i think lot are familiar with input device and issues we had a month back or so.


Now . let me say before i scare anyone.  i havent gotten kicked at all. what im saying is ive gotten this weird overlay img while in game of a white keyboad and above it white letters that state input device.. then it just vanishes and disappears.

LIke i said ive never been kicked... ive only notice it on either other game modes like at the very end of the match where are character freezes and we got to hit b to go back to lobby.. Ive noticed it several times pop up right before when your character freezes.

Ive also notice it happen in playground mode..   i think what ive notice when it pops up is its when im either spamming keys or something. Thats what im assuming..

But my concern is this... I thought the beta was made to be able to not detect... now it is ?   I mean its not kicking me or nothing like that . and ive noticed this for the past week ... But now im just curious what is this and why is that pop up msg coming up..

Im just wondering if anyone else out there on xbox has notice this and is still using the beta firmware. or even if your using factory have you notice this ?

Support / [Q/A] sync question? in expert setting
« on: 02:08 PM - 11/07/18 »
i cant remember but is the sync have to do with the aim assist like off is strong aim assist, default normal, common semi.. or something like that ... what does each one do exactly... or relate to aim assist ?

Hey guys just wondering has anyone notice anything with the new FT update?

I havent even used the latest beta firmware with ft . Ive still been using beta 13 or something like that i think cause it has felt fine so havent even botherd updating to the latest ones.

But today i noticed after playing around , that character movement felt really sluggish, almost like i felt something pulling my character towards me.

Just seeing what i should do , if i should update to latest one? i think i read somewhere the older beta had more aim assist which for me i dont mind that at all haha.

 So just seeing what your guys thoughts are or what others out there are using and feels fine

XIM APEX Discussions / how to update to old firmware?
« on: 11:48 PM - 10/16/18 »
how you update to old firmware.. im wanting to update to older beta of the new FT build. But when i hit update it says this is a older version and wont let me..

Do i have to reset it?

Question is , if i do how do i not loose all my settings and what not for the game after i reset it and download older version of firmware? is there a walk through that someone could tell me, make sure im doing it right ?

PC fortnight settings: 800 dpi, ingame sense .20 / .20 ..   

Im new to apex, so those were my settings for pc. Im wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on what i should set up my apex manager settings to in fortnite to get the similar feel that i had with pc sensitivity

also when i enabled expert configuration it seems it was creating this huge delay reaction for all my keys, just setting down building pieces seemed like i had to mash my buttons.   So i turned it off the expert config, and that seemed to stop the delay but im not sure if that was the reason..

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