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Hello guys, i am new to all this, so i may sound a bit noob like. I have been using xim for over a year now and it has just completely turned around my experience on FPS games. I have had my highs and lows, but i am constantly learning whether it be the mechanics or the whole mouse and keyboard thing. I have been running into an issue every now and then, i noticed it on the playbacks i had recorded. I am missing initial shots that is JUST AFTER ADSing ,most of the time, because of which my aim hinders my gunfight. So as usual i thought it might be my sens thats causing the issue, but while in firing range i am perfectly able to stay on a target . I am bit confused now because i am not sure  if over shooting is causing the problem here. As i said my first shot is the issue here. BTW I tend to use same sens on every game i play . Its around 19.5 cms on ads and 14.5 cms on hip.

Will my xim 360 sens and mouse and keyboard without xim  be the same? i mean , i tried modern warfare. I play all games at around 18cm on ads config and 14 cm on hip config . When i plugged mouse and keyboard on my ps4 , i am not able to handle that sense at all. I am getting around 48 cm on ads with generic mouse and keyboard as my sens on modern warfare. Why is it so?

XIM APEX Discussions / Unable to update MW CONFIG
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/25/19 »
Hi , i have tried updating modern warfare config, when i force download it , it shows there is an update,I downloaded it but feels like its not downloaded as when i go back and check it again , the update shows up again. Help would be appreciated

So , i happened to switch between two ps4 controllers, soon as i logged in , i got a notice. “Switch either to keyboard or controller or change the layout to controller”. Since then xim feels odd plus when i try mounting my weapon , the game displays R3 to press, where i have clearly opted for double tap ADS option for wall mounting. Please help

I have noticed my sens varies on every other games, i measure my sens mostly by 360 per cm on most games . Every game i find myself comfortable to a sens far different from the other ones . On call of duty black ops for example i had a ads sens around 40cm, while on destiny when i adjust my sens around that , my sens feels terrible

XIM APEX Discussions / Strafing issues
« on: 10:41 AM - 08/10/19 »
Found a major issue , had been struggling with it for quite a while . I recorded my gameplay to find out that my strafing speed affects my aim majorly. I use keyboard, i have adjusted SAB Values to max and to low values, but nothing worked . When i strafe slow , my aim is perfect. But when i strafe short and quick, something just kicks in and pushes my aim heavily, out of the target. Any help would be really appreciated as this issue is causing me loose lots of gunfights

XIM APEX Discussions / Tracking and aiming issue
« on: 08:58 PM - 08/06/19 »
Hello ! I have been using xim for over a year and I absolutely love it ,i am playing with a low sens for a while now , what i have noticed it  some tracking issues . I have pretty solid accuracy but my tracking is severely bad. I cannot track a moving enemy as my crosshair is stuck in midway unable to follow it . While i raise up my sensitivity , i can easily follow them up , landing shots right away .Can someone explain why is this happening?

« on: 08:02 AM - 07/27/19 »
Suggest SAB values guys , i am struggling to find the right value for it in destiny2.

« on: 11:22 PM - 07/23/19 »
This may sound odd but no matter what game i play , be it destiny or apex legends.When i place my crosshair while ads ing at a point on a WALL , something just pushes my aim away initially while strafing . Later it turns out to be fine. Whats happening here?

Was wondering , if hold feature under deactivation settings would help in many scenarios , especially when u need mouse movements for certain set of keybinds

Hey ! So i have been using logitechG502 for quite a while, got steelseries rival early this month, so as usual i did set up with my dpi and sens i had in G502, i realised my sens was way too slower than usual , after. 20 days of aim struggle, i found the G502 has different sens to make a complete 180 degree turn than rival 600. Rival 600 is slower comparatively . Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse tracking black ops issue
« on: 01:52 PM - 02/03/19 »
Hello ! I am having this weird issue with my set up . I set my crosshair right on the target but i tend to miss few shots in between ,i tend to panic and make corrections every now and then. Tracking is inconsistent , No follow through at times ! I am using logitech G502 spectrum with logitech G 440 hard mouse pad.
My settings are as follows
Dpi 12000
Polling rate -1000hz
Hip and ads sens - 11 and 2.10 set at default and common
Smoothing -5 for both hip and ads

I tried this set up for destiny 2 , using Logitech G502 Proteus core , cloth pad . At the beginning it worked Fine . Later on soon as i played around with the xy ratio for recoil control , i found my crosshair fixed.i am able to move my crosshairs horizontally but not vertically or to downwards both while aiming through hip or ADS.i like the set up overall.NOT ABLE TO USE IT BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE AT THE MOMENT.HELP WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATED , Thanks

General Discussion / Hyper X alloy fps pro compatibility
« on: 09:20 AM - 08/23/18 »
Will hyper X alloy fps pro keyboard work with XIM Apex?

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