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I was playing Last night some Black Ops4. All well and good, everything was working. I took a break and started playing again, but this Time my mouse didn't respond to my movements. The buttons were all working, ads, fire etc but I couldn't look in any directions. I connected my mouse to my pc and everything works. Any solution?

Beta / Can I install the latest beta if I don't have a pc?
« on: 08:07 AM - 03/27/20 »
My laptops are all broke and I saw that the latest beta really helps with the micromovent on ps4! Is there a way to update the xim without using a pc?maybe using the ps4?

    Long story short, I used to have a G440 hard pad. I tried this method a while back and the first step was doing a full 360 from one side of the pad to the other. And that was your base sensitivity. That was easy when I used to have the G440. But what about when I have the G840 XL pad?
    Last night I switched to arm aim and I was performing more consistently in LEAGUE PLAY. So I decided to do this method again tonight when I get home and further improve on my aiming. Any tips on how to do that?
    How can I measure my 360 while using an extra large pad?

    Thank you all for your replies. I wish you a great day!

    My first mouse pad was a Steelseries Qck+. Since I've always gamed on console,I never knew that I am a slow sens player. I later bought a Logitech G440 hard. I've changed my mouse from G502 to G pro wireless but the more I play,the more I realise that I need a bigger mouse pad.
    Don't get me wrong,I significally improved as a player since June last year,when I purchased my apex. A lighter mouse also helped in the process.But I feel that I can't get any better from this point unless I change to a larger mouse pad. So I ordered a Logitech G840.
    Does any of you guys have this type of mouse pad? Did I make the right choice? Or I am just paying for the brand? For a mouse pad it's quite a lot of money. I really hope that using a mouse pad this big will take my aim to the next level.
    Thanks everyone for your replies. Have a great day

XIM APEX Discussions / Steady aim "problem"...
« on: 01:03 AM - 06/03/19 »
   Hi there, I keep hearing that using a steady aim value between 1,5 and 3 helps a lot with breaking the AA bubble in BO4. I keep on testing different configs for competitive COD but it always seem that something it's not right. Last night I've tried using steady aim. The problem is that using steady aim,even a low value of 1 makes my aim very floaty ( for lack of a different word). I don't know. It just doesn't feel like a very true 1 to 1 movement. Like my crosshair spassez or something like that. It becomes erratic. Anyone else having this problem?
   I am using a G pro wireless with a G440 hard pad,16K DPI,1000 HZ, and sync OFF. The thing is that the aim feels erratic at 3200 DPI sync common as well. All your replies mean a lot to me. Have a good day

I feel that I always get caught sprinting,which cause me to die.Like a LOT of my deaths are caused by me getting caught sprinting. I noticed that if I quick press ADS two times,my character stops sprinting,but I also have to press A or D afterwards.If I press W it will sprint again. Any solution for this?
PS. I don't have auto run set to ON!
Thank you everybody for your replies. Have a great one.

I've always wondered if my ADS value is correct. If I should leave it as default. Also what is the ADS value? And if this value is wrong,does that mean that I pull my gun from  sprint later?

  I am getting tired of being the last on my team every single game in Arena. I just can't wrap my head around it. How is it possible that my friends who are all using a controller, outplay me every single game? It's doesn't matter if it is respawn or SND. I always come last. I've used all the settings in the world,from dpi to polling to sync. I just don't know what to do anymore. I changed my mouse and mouse pad. Went from G502 on cloth,to G PRO WIRELESS on hard pad. It's not that I am not a good player. I've played Call of Duty since MW2.
  Last night I used 4k DPI with 500 hz sync common. I still came on last,but at least I went positive in some games. I beg you,fellow ximmers,help a guy out.


When I first started to use the xim, I had a Steelseries QCK mouse pad. I don't remember what model it was,all I know is that it was too short so to speak. Then I switched to a G440 hard pad. From talking with different people here on the forums,they all recommended using a large cloth pad. Any of you guys,had both,and think using a cloth pad is a better ideea? Also, I have a Logitech G PRO WIRELESS mouse,should I buy a Logitech mouse pad? Like G840 large? Is it better to use the same manufacturer for both mouse and mouse pad? Or should I buy another large cloth mouse pad. Any recommandations?

   I am just tired of trying new DPI,Polling Rate and all that it comes with . Let's say that I've found my DPI finally,after months of trying and trying and trying. Let's say that from all the DPI ranges, I like best 3200. The problem is that I've always played on common sync. From what I've read, it seems like DEFAULT SYNC helps you with the aim assist bubble. If I came to the conclusion that my best DPI is  3200 on common sync, could this be true for default sync? I don't even want to think about the fact that 12K DPI,default sync is better than 3200 DPI default sync. I just can't go through all this all over again.
    I just want to say that 3200 DPI 500 Hz,default sync is the way to go and end it there. Last night I was loosing full,because I got my @!#+! handed to me in every match I played on BO4 WORLD LEAGUE.
    Could I be this bad with a xim? It doesn't add to me. I am tired of trying new configs,from match to match,new settings. And I don't have the patience anymore guys. I know that everybody is different,what works works for you could not work for me, I just want an oppinion from someone who has tried this before.
    I also know that I made a previous thread saying that I've found my DPI,that it's 16K and so on and so on. But last night made me think otherwise. I see people here playing with 3200 DPI 500 Hz,others that play with 16K DPI 1000Hz and none of them has any problem with the aim assist bubble. The problem is that I have that problem with every setting I choose to use. And I've noticed that since I've begun playing LEAGUE PLAY. I lose gunfights because I miss my shots.It's not the connection,trust me. If I use high DPI I miss mid to long range gunfights.If I play low DPI I miss my close quarters gunfights. Like I don't have any chance.It's not even close.
    I know all about the map awareness,positioning etc...and believe me it's not that. It's that #@%#$%# aim assist bubble. Even bought a new mouse,switching from Logitech G502 to G PRO WIRELESS,thinking that with a wireless lighter mouse I perform better.I also know that I shouldn't change settings so often but I'm getting desperate. I don't understand what is happening.
     I want to try 3200 DPI default sync tonight and find out which suits me better,but I don't want to always think about what could've been if used 12K or 16K default sync.

Sorry for the rant. Hope you all have a great day.

    I really enjoy playing at 16K DPI sync off,because it makes easier to cut into the aim assist bubble. I've never noticed that,in public matches but in league play it makes a world of difference. The problem is that my movement is not as fluid as when I was playing 3200 DPI common sync.
    Firstly I used 16K DPI,1000Hz sync off but the jitter was a big problem for me even when I added smoothing. I didn't want to use a lot of smoothing because I felt like it was messing with my aim. Anything above 3 smoothing was too much for me.
    Currently I switched from 1000Hz polling to 500 and it seems that the movement got a little better. Is there any way I could get the feeling from 3200 DPI back? The mouse movements were so crisp but getiing into the hitbox was a big problem in competitive. Default sync doesn't do the job for me either. Maybe if I lower my DPI to 12K?Would that help with the jitter?
     Thank you all for your responses. Have a great one

    I've never realised how much the responsiveness of your mouse and the ability to cut through the aim assist bubble can decide wheter you win a match and lose one. I mainly play Black Ops 4, and I thought  I was doing ok,putting 40-50 kills a game, using UAV and CUAV as two out of my 3 killstreaks. Until I played LEAGUE PLAY.     
    My friends using a controller were outplaying me,making huge plays in HARDPOINT and CONTROL for the squadron. Meanwhile I couldn't get a kill to save my life. I was always placing last,barely going positive. Keep this in mind,in this game an assist counts as a kill at the end of the game. If it wasn't for this, I would always go negative. Deep down, I knew that and it killed me.
    I've tried all settings,from 3200 DPI and 250 Hz to 16K DPI and 1000 Hz. The last thing I did was going from 4k DPI 500 Hz to 16K DPI and 500 Hz. It was hard at first,feeling a little jittery,getting hard to hit some mid to long shots but up close it felt amazing. The crosshair responded immidiately,as soon as I moved my mouse. I then procedeed to adjust my sensitivity and  soon I was able to hit mid to long shots as well. The deaths I will get while playing LEAGUE PLAY,now became kills,I was helping my team a lot more, I was feeling more confident challenging gunfights and won them most of the time. From being the last in my team and feeling bad about myself,even coming close to selling my xim, I went on becoming the best player on the map,being first on the leaderboards multiple times and bringing my team a lot more wins. I was going positive,playing as and objective player on the hardpoint,while my team was going negative playing as
 FLEX,ANCHOR,SUPPORT. And that happen multiple times on multiple days so I knew it wasn't luck.
    The aim assist bubble was a problem for me at first,at the launch of the game but then I tought I've resolved it. It wasn't noticeable on pubs, I thought that my aim was just bad at some times,that's why I didn't won that particular gunfight. But I was all wrong. The aim assist bubble was blocking me from hitting my shots. Never realised that until I played LEAGUE PLAY and played against decent players.
    I strongly recommend using  the highest DPI and polling that your mouse can support!Or at least try it for a couple of days. I know we all are different but this is what worked for me and maybe it will work for you as well.
It feels like a relief,knowing that I've found my settings. After one year, I can finally rest. Now all I have to do is tweek my sens.

 Hope you all have a great day! Stay safe

I would like to know what everyone is using! I've played Pro Series last night and currently I am using 3200 DPI 500 Hz with my G PRO WIRELESS and G440 hard pad

XIM APEX Discussions / 3200,4k or max DPI?
« on: 11:15 AM - 02/18/19 »
I keep thinking that if I don't use maximum DPI and polling rate I don't get my money's worth. Here we goooo again, testing settings and all.

Shared Configs / Fortnite config help wanted!
« on: 06:51 AM - 02/13/19 »
So,last night I was waiting for my friends to get on and play some pro series on BLACK OPS 4. While I was waiting,I wanted to play some Fortnite. Now,bare with me here, I have a total of 89 matches played on this game. Some of them are with my cousin in season 5,and the rest are this season. I never reached a level highel level than 11,but i started to enjoy the game last night and I was wandering if someone could help me out with a config. I would like to use 3200 DPI because this is what i use on BO4 but I am open to suggestions. Also keybind with be a huge help. I recently bought a G PRO WIRELESS mouse,but I am having difficulties pressing the upper side button. In the config I have,my cousin gave me one to copy/paste, that button is used for building. I cannot press it,  to save my life! Any help would be aprecciated. Thank you all

This is to show all of you how terrible I am at this game

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