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XIM APEX Discussions / Fortnite and Warzone
« on: 02:42 PM - 04/28/22 »
Any good fortnite zero build configuration with aim assist?
And what about warzone with aim assist too?post your configs

Game Support / Warzone ST 11/2021
« on: 05:58 AM - 11/04/21 »
Hey guys i am still trying to find the best config fore warzone...i want to have very good aim assist for close,medium fights and i cant find a good one! Any suggestions about a warzone config with a good aim assist?

Game Support / Super animal royale st
« on: 06:13 PM - 06/06/21 »
Hello guys is there any st or config that we can use for super animal royale?please help

Game Support / Outriders st
« on: 08:11 AM - 04/10/21 »
Hey guys as you all know we are waiting for Outriders st from xim community god's..until then just post down your ingame settings and your config.what sensitivity,sync,SAB etc..because I am trying to play this game and really guys..I am struggling

Game Support / Warfare breakout
« on: 06:37 PM - 03/14/21 »
Anyone knows which at I have to use for the new warfare breakout?

Game Support / Division 2 Update
« on: 01:56 PM - 03/07/21 »
Guys where is the update for division 2?the game is unplayable now with the current st..camera is so wrong..any STS or anything?

Game Support / Any good Config for The Division 2
« on: 04:41 AM - 02/12/21 »
Hey guys as the topic says I need a good config for devision 2 but with more Aim assist please

Game Support / GTA V Online Config
« on: 07:38 AM - 01/30/21 »
Hello guys..I am using GTA V At and I feel it little weird why?I have default settings and the recommended for in game..anyone can help me to set up it?

Game Support / Fortnite new config
« on: 08:25 PM - 11/17/20 »
Hello guys..i need help with fortnite..did you find any good config for fortnite to be fast with building and accurate in fights?what about the reset and edit...

Game Support / Best settings for rogue company
« on: 07:06 AM - 10/24/20 »
I am still trying to find a good config guys for rogue company with littke aim assist and good aim

Game Support / Rogue company ST is here!
« on: 05:15 PM - 10/17/20 »
So the new rogue company st is here guys..post you configs over here so we all can test them!

Game Support / Rogue company
« on: 04:23 PM - 10/11/20 »
Anyone knows which St config is for rogue comoany?the new game?

Shared Configs / Path of exlie ST
« on: 05:59 AM - 08/14/20 »
Hello guys i saw that we dont have path of exile st..any suggestion which st to use for this game??

Game Support / Fake antirecoil warzone
« on: 03:25 AM - 04/29/20 »
Guys i was to ask you if anyone has a trick to get anti recoil for cod warzone..now they added deadzone too in game..and by default its 0.07..we leave it like that?what we have to change on xim and in game to have anti recoil or less recoil with the new patch of warzone?

Game Support / Fortnite new settings?
« on: 09:08 AM - 03/31/20 »
Anyone has good settings for build and accurate shooting?

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