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Shared Configs / Insurgency Sandstorm config
« on: 02:15 AM - 10/17/21 »
Hey all
Anyone playing this?

Im on xbox series X, using the below
Xim 250htz
G502 25000 dpi - 500htz
Sync off
No smoothing  no curves nothing extra

Feels ok but wondering what others are using?

Beta / Thrustmaster TGT third pary controller PS5
« on: 03:55 PM - 01/01/21 »
Hey all,

Would anybody know if the TGT wheel would authenticate for PS5 so I can use XIM, A friend of mine has one he doesn't use, be good if it does, selling realy cheap.

Thanks all!

XIM APEX Discussions / Cant download new config in Manager
« on: 08:10 AM - 12/25/20 »
Hi all
Ive just got a xbox series X, I have downloaded the new firmware and updated the
Manager but the "create new config" is greyed out i cant download any new ones
But the load config is all good?? I even downloaded the new manager APK and installed it
That way too, any help would be much appreciated

XIM APEX Discussions / Azeron keypad question
« on: 10:59 PM - 07/07/20 »
Hey all
Just got my Azeron....love it! Even though i havent used it yet ;)
I downloaded the simple software for xim and flashed it.
I realize i can only have 1 profile but can i still use the azeron software to adjust
Angle, dead zone ect...i cannt access anything in the software its all blank in the
Left hand pane?   I have plugged and unplugged and reinstalled all the normal stuff but nothing?
Thanks all

Game Support / BFV Killer Settings Maximum AA
« on: 08:28 AM - 12/21/18 »
Hey all

I have found some settings that realy work well for me. Im a low sense player and I prefer AA on, I think its a massive disadvantage without it. I find with these settings I can acheive maximum AA without getting stuck in the bubble. I find I can track multiple targets without getting stuck in the hitbox. First i followed Alanmcgregor's setup which what this is based on. A big thanks to Alan for his awesome setup and effort and for sharing it with us. Link to his setup below.


Full config

G903 wireless mouse  500htz

Logitech powerplay mouse pad (plugged into xim) soft pad

Xim Apex 500htz

Mouse DPI 3200

Apex Sensitivity 7 Hip and 7 Ads

Sync Commom Hip and Ads

Simulate Analogue behaviour SAB 65

Steady Aim 4.5  ON ADS ONLY

No smoothing No curves

All ingame settings and soldier zoom sensitivity's as per Allan' post above.

I found that the steady aim is what makes the AA feel awsome.

Hey guys
This is a strange thing that has just started happening, at then end of a round of battlefield the apex disconnects. I havent changed any hardware i have the apex into the titan two and everything on a powered usb 2 hub, was always working flawless until now. Anyone one else had this happen?

XIM APEX Discussions / Need Help with Swiftpoint z
« on: 08:28 AM - 08/10/18 »
Hey All
I recently picked up a swiftpoint z mouse but for the life of me I cant figure out how to make the second stage deep click register on the apex, Im trying to assign two functions to left mouse button.
Any help with this would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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