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Shared Configs / Assassin's Creed Odyssey settings help
« on: 09:17 AM - 04/25/21 »
Hey guy i just started the Assassin's creed odyssey.
And i have a hard time to get a settings to work..
Anyone has a good config?

Shared Configs / Apex Legends (New Config 27/12)
« on: 03:39 PM - 12/13/20 »
Mouse 1000Hz
XIM app 500Hz
DPI 16,000
FOV 110

XBOX ST (the old one)

 Common Sync

 0 Smoothing
 1.00 Y/X ratio
 0 Steady Aim
 0 Boost
 0 SAB

OFF Sync

 0 Smoothing
 1.00 Y/X ratio
 0 Steady Aim
 0 Boost

 In-game settings

Deadzone: 4
Outer threshold:  0
Response Curve:  12
Target Compensation:  N/A

Yaw Speed:  max
Pitch Speed: max
Turning Extra Yaw:  N/A
Turning Extra Pitch:  N/A
Turning Ramp-up time:  N/A
Turning Ramp-up delay:  N/A

ADS Yaw Speed:  max
ADS Pitch Speed:  max
ADS Turning Extra Yaw: N/A
ADS Turning Extra Pitch:  N/A
ADS Turning Ramp-up time:  N/A
ADS Turning Ramp-up delay:  N/A

Full config code:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [APEX 8200k xbox lightweight ] START COPY >>>

Hello guys
I just bought
Logitech g502 lightspeed
Can someone please help how to connect it wireless to the xim?

Good morning guys
Am willing to buy the following mouse
logitech g502 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse

And i wanted to know if i can connect it wireless to the xim port..

Also does it worth the money??

Game Support / APEX-LEGENDS FOV calculator
« on: 05:03 AM - 08/17/20 »
I just tried some new settings found here for Apex and are feeling really good.

8000 DPI
500HZ xim / 1000Hz Mouse

HIP 14

ADS 10

In game 7/7
FOV 110

My problem is on FOV110 i have problem on mid to long range fights as i cant see well the enemies...

How can i convert the same settings for
FOV 90, 92, 94, 96

In order to test which one fits best for me..

P. S. Am playing on a monitor and ps4
P. S2 what fov do you use?

Game Support / Destiny 2
« on: 09:07 AM - 07/03/20 »
Does anyone here still playing destiny 2?
If yes what set up does he use.?

Game Support / Cod automatic FAL
« on: 07:27 AM - 12/07/19 »
Hello guys
Am using G502 mouse and Sony wand
Is there any combination of buttons or scrip in order to make FAL automatic..

When i used to have Venom X i had the option to do this..

Any way now?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex yellow flashing
« on: 04:27 AM - 07/18/19 »
Hello guys
Today i faced a problem with my xim
Wile is everything OK
Its flashing a yellow light
Its around 6 flashes and after returning to the profile colour..
What is that means?

Game Support / Battlefield V config
« on: 06:31 AM - 03/11/19 »
Anybody has a good config for battlefield V
Am using
Logitech G502
12000 dpi

as the title said

i tried more than 10 charging docks, chargers etc
in order to find a way to charge my move controllers on a wall charger
and am always failing ...

any idea how can i charge my move controllers through a wall charger ????

any one tried that one ??

Game Support / Problem with fast hip fights
« on: 01:40 AM - 11/06/18 »
good morning guys

am playing COD Black Ops 4 (blackout & multiplayer)
at the moment i use RMLs set up with his curves

my setup is

12,000 Dpi
1000 hz
what is my problem
i noticed
that when i have to have a fast hip fire fight my xim always crash and i cant follow the opponent
its like its freeze and stop moving

i notice that this problem its happening only on HIP fire
when i do the same with ADS i have no problem

any idea how to fix that ???

also which curve is the best at the moment for ADS ??

XIM APEX Discussions / 12000 DPI Vs 3200 DPI
« on: 01:05 AM - 10/17/18 »
Good morning guys
am using Logitech G502 mouse and Sony Controller

i watch all the tutorial videos about DPI
also see that on the tutorials beleive that dpi below 4000 works better with PS4 and Xim

BUT what i see through our community  the most of the peoples are using full 12000 DPI

and i am wondering

so what are the benefits of using 12000 dpi over 3200   
and which of them working better with FPS games like COD, BF, Fortnite ???

XIM APEX Discussions / Advance settings
« on: 06:23 AM - 09/04/18 »
Is there any one who can detailed explain to us, what are the expert mode settings do?

Like smoother, curve etc

Hello guys am wondering if there is any chance of charging the navigation controllers with my phones wall charger...
I dont want to leave the ps4 open or rest mode through hole night..

Do any one has a wall charge idea?

Good morning my friends
Am very happy as today i got my Xim Apex

The only problem that Sony navigation didnt came yet

So i have
Xim apex and G502

But no keyboard or joystick (basically i have venom v2 wand, but i think i cant connect it)

Its there any possibility to set my
XIM APEX to play without joystick or keyboard??
Only with G502 and the half ps4 controller lets say?

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