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ok so Fortnite just launched a update where the controller binds and sensitivity can be adjusted deeply. More information here : https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/aim-high-test-your-skills-in-the-combine

So how can i take advantage of this and minimize XIM acceleration behaviour while still having a not too strong aim assist that sticks to the target? Any tips?

My sens is 25 HIP, 10 ADS on 4k dpi with RML antiAA curve on ADS. i use a XIM4.

I wsnt to lock the input method as mouse because i want to make montages and i dont want it to show that im using a "controller". i dont play competitive. only for fun and i wonder if i could lock the visual input to mouse/kb but still control with the xim. im playing fortnite and they have a option where i can lock the input method to mouse and still use my xim but the problem is turbo building is not working... Any suggestions? maybe thirdparty apps??

Hey there  :) im looking for someone to answer my questions.

I play on a Ps4 with the xim4 and when im turning my turn feels "delayed". i play on high hip sens. However, when i play on a PC with xim4 the aim is 1:1 with pc native aim. so i have no problem. no delays and the turn cap doesnt bother me at all. i want to know if i can get "smoother" less delayed aim on ps4 with the xim apex. But before i buy the xim apex i want to know something. So the xim4 have 125hz, 8ms delay right. apex has upto 1000hz 1ms delay.  why is pc aim with xim4 less delayed then xim4 ps4? wouldt xim apex also have same effect? Would the xim apex be much more smoother on ps4 just like the xim4 on PC where my turns are super responsive?

I have 1ms 144hz monitor from Acer. G502 mouse eith 1k hz. my sens is 26 HIP and 10 ADS with RML anti AA curve on ADS. no boost or steady aim.

Soooo the turn speed and general game quality was good on season 7. When season 8 came out i cant control my HIP and ADS aim. also i cant edit fast duo to FPS drops. Anyone else is having these issues? My aim assist is also super random. i sometimes get VERY strong aim assist and sometimes i am not getting. it happend on S8

Playstation / Looking for XIM team mates for Fortnite
« on: 06:34 AM - 10/21/18 »
3 k/d player 220+ wins looking for team mates with xim for Fortnite :) Server region: EU,  PSN: kurdboi91

Is it just me or is it laggy to turn with the mouse? even with low sensitivity. i tested this to see if there was a problem with my ps4, but i realized it was not my ps4's problem. When i used the controller the movememt turn was way more smoother, even in 10/10 sensitivity. Anyone else feeling this? Also when playing on PC the native Kb/m was way more smoother then the xim4 too. my pc handles 120+ fps in fortnite but when i use xim it feels like 40 fps

Why am i getting this error? have Epic mamaged to find a way to block xim users??

Hey, i want to remove keyboard sound when i talk with friends. i dont want them to know im using a keyboard and mouse. but the clicks makes it so obvious. i have tryed to move the mic but the sound still comes trough. i have lowered the mic settings to the lowest possible. the clicks still can be heard. Any advices? Isnt it possible to config a push to talk option or anything like that? any mic advices?

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