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Game Support / Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 06:17 PM - 09/03/18 »
Open beta early access starts tomorrow. Will we get an ST for this game during the beta?

General Discussion / Battlefield V Reveal
« on: 08:25 PM - 05/20/18 »
in just a couple days - 5/23/18!!!!!!!!

It's only the best online shooter on the planet folks!


Beta / Android P Dev Preview
« on: 11:04 PM - 05/10/18 »
So far so good. ON my Pixel 2 XL running the Android P Developer Preview the Xim Manager is running ok.

Beta / New Beta timeline?
« on: 06:28 PM - 04/25/18 »
Just curious is there any timeline to when the next beta might come out that isn't just a bug fixer but a feature introducer?

You got me greedy with the sync beta update shortly after the Apex came out lol

General Discussion / Turtle Beach DSS2 Question
« on: 03:52 PM - 04/14/18 »
I got the DSS2 today and set it up as per the diagram in the Xim 4 forums. It works, but the volume is too low. It's lower than the volume out of the same headphones coming straight out of the controller. The volume knob on the DSS2 does nothing.

Is this normal?

General Discussion / Change forum handle
« on: 06:05 PM - 04/12/18 »
Can I make a name request change for myself please?

Support / 2 issues upgrading to latest Gold setup
« on: 02:24 PM - 04/12/18 »
1. Went to update my manager first. Clicked on the link for manager for android in the LATEST firmware thread. Took me to a Google Play Store page where it simply said I could OPEN or UNINSTALL my manager - as in I was updated already I took it as. Updated firmware on my apex. Then could not connect to apex because manager was not compatible. Again found the latest link - through the forum posts, not Google - and Google Play acted like I had the latest manager. I had to uninstall the manager, then reinstall it and then it worked.

2. My configs sync settings were all one off. Configs that were set at Default Sync were now on Off Sync. Configs that were on Common Sync were now on Default Sync. I figured it all out easily enough and changed the syncs but it could be an issue for others.

For hip?

I set all my games to a 6" 360 degree turn. You?

XIM APEX Discussions / 30fps games aim just stinky anyway?
« on: 03:29 PM - 04/03/18 »
I'm starting to think that no 30fps game is going to feel that good on a console with aiming. The framerate just can't keep up with the speed of a mouse movement. Everybody is liking Far Cry 5 but it feels mushy to me. And now that I am remembering, it feels like when I've tried to run a PC game at too high settings and it dips down into the 30's and my aim just feels sluggish. Ain't nothing the APEX can do to get over that hump

I think I know the answer but don't trust my memory 100%

Or both?

XIM APEX Discussions / 3200 DPI Crew check in!
« on: 07:02 PM - 03/28/18 »
Who here is using around 3200 or so DPI? I see that number being bandied about here more and more. Check in.

I'm in!

XIM APEX Discussions / Good BF1 Players - Squad up!
« on: 02:44 PM - 03/23/18 »
Considering how good the APEX is with BF1 let's squad up and see what happens.

PS4 here - my handle is PixelSquish


I accidentally used DPI in the 3K range and it worked out really well. So now I have two settings at Boost 0 setup at 3200DPI and 12K DPI with the sensitivities adjusted accordingly, and I change back and forth to see which I like better. This is in BF1.

At the end of the day I can't tell which feels better although sometimes I could swear the 3200DPI is better for long range assault rifle shots in BF1 but don't know if that accounts for my sometimes streaky play style.

Can someone share some technical info on how DPI would affect aiming with the APEX when you jump from a range as low as 3200DPI to 12K?

Curiosity begs the question

Here is where my Apex resides and battles be fought! Lot's of wires to be managed - waiting on 50 velcro zip ties to arrive to start. Between a homebuilt gaming PC, PS4Pro, speakers, Desktop Headphone DAC & separate AMP, 5 pairs of headphones, desk light, FIOS Box, Router, and all the peripherals it will be impossible to hide all the wires but something could be done. Even the mousepad takes a USB cable to light up. Monitor is a high end 27" IPS display. Post your setups!

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