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Hardware Compatibility / Hxsj J100 keypad
« on: 05:10 AM - 10/18/18 »

Support / [ACTIVE] Xim Apex gets stuck
« on: 05:41 PM - 10/07/18 »
Hey, posting for a friend of mine.

He has issues with his Apex.
Out of nowhere he gets stuck and can't give any input, no mouse keyboard or controller.
Replugging the Apex helps, but in the heat of the moment that's not acceptable.
When everything was stuck he will still continue moving forward when he was running.

What can we do to fix this?

If why other info is needed feel free to ask.
Kb not sure atm.
Mouse g403

Hey guys, new here owning an apex since yesterday.
All working really nice, just wondering if there's a possibility I can somewhere program a third keybind to 1 function.
For example I'd like mousewheel to function up and down as ADS, but I want to keep mouse2 as ADS aswell.

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