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Hi Obsiv !

Could you please tell us according to you what are the best settings for overwatch? Many options right now so it would be nice to get input from you to get a right mix between all of them.

Because steady aim between 1-5, boost between 0-2000, smoothing around 5, analogue between 0-150 and so on thatís not easy to find the best one. Could you be more precise?

Thanks !

XIM APEX Discussions / Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex / Obsiv?
« on: 08:13 AM - 11/05/18 »
Hey all,

I am sure a lot of people will hate me for writing this post but anyway I will give my comments after more than 6 months playing overwatch with apex...

1. All settings are working and thatís why so many people get different settings. All sync feel more or less the same (floaty or less floaty letís say)
2. In game settings impact on the way apex is working but really difficult to find the perfect one.
3. Using curve doesnít affect much the AA management but only turn speed.
4. Using default sync with 125hz to get the same as xim 4 is not true or at least not working. Using the stair stepping curve is not giving the same feeling as well.
4.1 we do not have SA3 with apex which match perfectly on xim 4
4.2 we do not have boost which allow to compensate
4.3 using stair stepping curve means we cannot use RML curve
4.4 we cannot use generic alpha to be on linear due to the fact we canít use stair stepping curve and RML curve.
5. Apex is inconsistent in term of performances. Settings are fine for one day and then completely crap (donít argue with good or bad days / latency/ setup used and so on thanks)
6. Many people tried apex on overwatch and went back to xim 4
7. Xim 4 is way more expensive than apex on eBay or those kind of website (believe me there is a reason for that!)
8. No complaint on this forum regarding xim 4 users on overwatch VS apex where most people are struggling
9. Recent post from Kuy saying he is back to xim 4... but he is not the only one!

So the question now is: can we have an update??? Can we be considered? Can we get the same chances as the xim 4 users? (Easy tracking, easy aiming, easy climb? Enjoying game again?

Last but not the least can we have real clue from the mods in order to get the best potential on apex? Sorry to say but we are not expert and we did not created this tool so you have the best qualification to understand the differences and create a similar experience as xim 4 for Apex! BECAUSE THE DIFFERENCE IS REAL!

Save your hate and do not tell me go on xim 4 if you enjoy it so much...


XIM APEX Discussions / Question about ballistic curve
« on: 06:22 AM - 08/16/18 »
Just few question regarding the ballistic curve because I understand how it is working in overall but still have question mark.

The BC (ballistic curve) is actually increasing and decreasing your speed movement if you tend to go on the left or right of the initial curve right?
Does it impact the AA depending on where you set the curve or still only impacting your mouse movements?
Does it make a difference in expo if I start the initial curve at 1 or even more on the X or Y axis? (Not set curve to 0 at the beginning of the curve) What the differences?

Changing the initial curve to make it straight on the left (like close to the y axis to make you understand) will increase the turn speed and then you can decrease the xim sens to be at really low values. Is it really helping with AA?

According to mods we can play on boost and steady aim with the BC right? How should we proceed to see the impact and differences?
What kind of curve will give the feeling of the old SA3? Many people were really happy with it so why we could not reproduce it with the BC?


Here is the link if you want to understand better the subject of this topic: http://cronusmax.com/forums/showthread.php/172546-Overwatch-Gamepack

In my opinion thatís now obvious why apex cannot compete against this and why we can see so many players in overwatch more and more broken with incredible damages and accuracy... (macros, anti recoil, rapid fire, firing at maximum charge without waiting for zoom,... and so much more.

Waiting for your comments but I guess it is really clear now...

If it is true sorry for doubting about apex which is trying to make a 1v1 pc feeling but with Cronus max it is clearly an aimbot unfortunately.

Hello Xim community,
I am writing this post for all overwatch players high rank because I need help to find the best settings for overwatch with the xim apex.
I have been trying all sync, sens, dpi, even change option inside the game with smoothing (which I noticed a nice difference), change hz, try curves, AAW 20/30/70100, ...
I can see differences in aiming by changing parameters but at the end I am never satisfied.
Please do not tell me there are no options completely broken because I can see people with stats like crazy (e.g: more than 55% accuracy with mcree or damage done average per 10 minutes around 15000 with more than one characters). So yes maybe they are good but I am a decent player so for sure some settings are better than others.

All overwatch players please help the community.

Any top 500 players who would like to share their settings as follow:
- dpi?
- sync?
- HZ?
- smoothing?
- y/x?
- auxiliary?
- curves?

Inside game option: (beside the recommended parameters)
- AA?
- AAW?
- smoothing?
- Aim ease in?
- expo? Linear?

Thanks in advance and please do not refer to posts on the xim community because I already try it out. I am asking high ranked players for support.

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