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Could someone help me find a way to use mouse and keyboard on PC, with the latest COD thinking its a controller?

Since the new COD is cross platform, but input based, this will be a great advantage if we could use our XIM.

I have both XB controller for windows and a PS4 controller to use

Hardware Compatbility / USB Switch hub compatibility?
« on: 09:59 AM - 06/02/19 »
If i bought this:

Which switches between two devices.
One for my PC, one for the XIM Apex hub.

Since the XIM hub required the mouse and keyboard input separate, i will output the USB Switch into the XIM Hub with this:

Will the XIM hub recognise both the keyboard and mouse input?

Hi I've been using XIM Apex for a while and love it.

But its always a hassle to keep switching my M/K from PC to XIM hub.

I was thinking this could work, a USB switch box to switch from PC to XIM hub by pressing one button:

But it made me think i would need a USB splitter like this so it can go inside the XIM hub for the M/K port:

The mouse and keyboard will go in the switch box, then the switch box will output one cable to PC, and the other into the USB splitter. The USB splitter will input two USB cables into the mouse and keyboard port in the XIM hub.

So i came here to ask: Will the XIM hub be able to read which cable from the USB splitter is for the mouse and which is for the keyboard? Will it work?

I've used the BO3 profile for a while now and it was great, just switched to the BO4 profile with same settings and it feels just as good.

Is there anything different I'm missing?

Game Support / BO4 Terrible XB1S Performance or just me?
« on: 12:58 PM - 08/10/18 »
Hi guys, just got the beta for BO4 on my Xbox One S

The frame rate is unbelievably bad. Even if i wasnt a PC gamer i could tell something is wrong. It looks around 20-35 FPS ingame for BO4

So my question is, is this just the XBOX One S that can't handle the game, or is this something that has to do with XIM Apex? I am running the BO3 profile and the M+K feel good enough for me after tuning.

Anybody else getting this out there?


Id like to use more than one button on my keyboard to use a key on the controller, is that possible?

Does the XIM Apex use the controller's battery life?

Or does it keep the battery charged when using the apex?

I've heard people say both

General Discussion / Quick yes/no question on setup!
« on: 06:03 PM - 05/21/18 »
Hi guys,

The adapter is a little short for where i need it to be placed.
If i used the usb A cable to an adapter like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01JGQBLZ6

Then connect it to the USB XIM APEX which goes in my XBOX, will it be perfectly OK?

Yes? No? Thanks

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