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Can this come to xim apex? Where you can drag the curve to your liking instead of putting in the numbers?

Can I get both? or do I have to choose?

I read a lot oin this forum but I can't find a solution. I know the default options without touching any advanced settings kind of force me to choose either-or..

Acceleration may increase a low sens responsiveness at the cost of messing with the muscle memory if it ain't linear. I don't know a lot about the boost option more than what I read..
For example 
Boost is something most people won't use as it modifies translation significantly. The idea is that when you start moving your mouse it starts off faster the more Boost you apply. The result is you lose micro aiming.

Could boost be any good if you, like me.. for example play on a very low sens ..
 When I play on a high sens my xim is super responsive, fast flicks but I loose the accuracy from a low sens.
Shaiiko, a professional player on PC has the best aim I've seen. He plays on a ridiculous low ads, so I gave the super low sens a try (about a full swipe on a 45 cm mousepad to do a 180 in ads) The accuracy was definitely there.. The best out of all my sensitivity testing, tracing very good, steady smooth aim, I had no issues like shaky aim that can occur with a very high sens, long-distance shots were easy and recoil was a tad bit harder but manageable with low recoil guns, holographic & practice.
 The only issue with such a low sens was the responsiveness. I know it's not like PC where you can be super fast with a low sens which leads to *My question - How do I get both, can I somehow bypass that threshold*

If there's any trick or advanced settings to achieve responsive mouse aim like a high sens does while using a very slow ads sens for accuracy. Flick fast but more accurate.

Can I use boost without a negative effect if my sens is low enough to not cause micro aim issues?
 Maybe higher dpi, another sync like OFF rather than default? or modify anything in the curve options.. I don't know.
I play without aim assist btw.
Help me solve this responsive vs accurate problem I want a bit of both as close to PC as possible.

I'm using UPDATED since it was released, at first, I felt like this is more consistent accuracy wise HIP felt slower than classic but the accuracy in ADS felt good and it's obviously more important than spinning around round round while HIP. I can still switch to classic and play well no problems at all. Got used to the UPDATED and I'm very surprised that it, as far as I know, isn't used by a lot of people. That's one great mystery for me and my main question to y'all.
 Have you tried to play with it - The UPDATED version? I could imagine many including myself were so used to CLASSIC so why change, right? I had people tell me CLASSIC is this and that.. less acceleration someone told me. Nah dude, I'm confused about how that makes any sense? First off, my initial thoughts on UPDATED was jikes HIP is so slow.. (probably due to, less acceleration on UPDATED) Even today if I switch to CLASSIC to UPDATED back and forth my opinion will be the same, I had to ask to prove I'm still sane or am I really that far off wrong? I played many months first with CLASSIC and many months with UPDATED since release.

 Which one is your favorite? Any specific reason for why u prefer one over another and have you tested UPDATED for a longer period or no?
Share opinions, No wrong answer (Please include the ST nr.. and what you feel is great about it) Thanks!

 here hopefully get answered Discuss opinions and share settings, as well as experience. Anything from - How long time you've played siege, with or without xim. Rank (Current + Previous achieved ranks, Solo Queued or Stacks, Stats etc.)

*No need to share personal performance unless you want to of course. Could be useful combined with "shared settings + rank, stats, server, language"
 If You're looking for teammates, casuals or sweats, better or equal your skill level.
My goal is to find great players, better or equal my skill with the same passion I have for siege, here is a good community compared to the regular siege community's can be anything from earth to he'll haha.
Purpose to find consistent squads,  develop good communication & synergy in a respectful, MnK friendly non toxic environment with players who share similar ideas.

Playing as a TEAM is so much better, way more fun playing with friends, compared to SOLO Q.

I do well in solo q but the lack of communication and coordination is painful. Even though I have solo queued my way to diamond when champion wasn't a thing.
» My first time "solo to diamond" was during White Noise.
» My second time "solo to diamond" was during Wind Bastian but I had to beat my record at the time so I solo queued to diamond first in EU then continue to grind in NA (same season, two regions, two diamonds)
Trust me when I say until today "I still haven't recovered"
 This is why I'm looking for teammates, It's fun to play with friends but everyone doesn't have the same mentality of grinding to get better each day. Some just "want to have fun, troll or don't care" maybe a lack of interest in the game or in other words simply two different goals.
I have fun winning and when I get a lot of action (kills) obviously in siege I want to click some heads otherwise I'd play.. IDK.. Poker? When you feel good about this team, we work great together. Happens to everyone, it's not consistent, one game loss, two guys leave and I need to find smart players with strong mentality to change that.
 One thing I've learned about SIEGE & TIPS videos to be specific. You can spend 24/7 on improvement, knowledge of the game, strats and new fun ideas but as long as you're not in a squad all that info is overrated, not really as useful as it could be. The only thing we improve by ourselves is Movement, Aim and by playing the game to gain experience/game sense and basic knowledge of the game sound and if we let our EGO rest for a few.. Also learn from failures. (A game loss = not fun, agreed. Unless you're special and thrives on throws) We LOVE to WIN, HATE to LOOSE. So instead of raging, complaining or give excuses why not - try to learn - What Made Us Loose? "They're better" Maybe true, You are not the best and neither is anyone else. "Are you stupid?" I can be. So why do I claim no one is the best in R6 SIEGE. Team based game. Yes THEY beat US so WE need to FIGHT back as ONE - quick maths, not very stupid at the moment, quite confident to be honest - Are you better? "..." YES, You are and you can always be better if you follow these simple tricks
1. Never give up
2. Be confident not arrogant (EGO on standby/restmode)
3. With nr 2 you'll - Trust yourself - then be able to trust teammates
4. With nr 1 + EGO on cool down - You'll be able to loose without rage, without complaining, without giving up. You won't actually loose. You have Confidence & Knowledge "You can perform better" and you have FAITH in your teammates, You stick with them, Now they've increased trust in you.
A good start to become a good team. To not only overcome the inevitable everyone looses, everyone fails, How do you find your perfect AIM? You have a purpose, set a target, You've a clear goal in your mind to improve on some of your flaws. You know how to notice it - bad recoil check, overflicking check, easy to be honest about these flaws when practicing alone. Flicking, tracking, recoil control, 180°turns or 360 for the montage you put time into it, countless hours of trial and error. Everyone want the best aim. You might need more or less hussle than others due to better hand eye coordination, reaction speed etc. good aim doesn't evolve magically from birth, It's nothing you can buy or wish for.. Certainly NOT from Santa Claus, True Facts. Like Tomatoes, Potatoes, You hit some, You wiff some. Same with in game actions. You'll make the right calls, correct decisions, clutch the round and many great stuff eventually you mess up. Bad calls, Wrong decision, Someone doesn't call, You miss your shots, teammate died, You die, Last teammate alive in a 1v3 (meanwhile 2 guys start to argue) The last guy trying to focus another teammate is AFK not watching cams, another tries to help. Managed to kills one another is DBNO. 1v1. @#$% hits the fan, round loss. Not that easy to see the problem compared to aim practice, right. Because a team of 5 is supposed to be one. Like a Mercedes, If  a tire get punctured the rest will struggle. These things happen all the time. A guy get spawnpeeked, great. One Thermite, No Tatcher. Let this go for the time being.. own it, don't dwell it. Things don't always go according to plan, adapt, more forward.. any other inconvenience try to put it on hold and when the game is done and you've won because you kept cool, strong mentality, team spirit no unnecessary tilt - mid round/during a match - That's how successful pros do it. Adapt mid game, Later adjust the flaws. One situation isn't one-sided - individually one guy kept silent - it's like a coin, two sides. If you did something wrong, you probably know it, Own it. Understand it. Learn from it. If you have issues with 1, 2 or everyone every team need to vent, clear the air, not by being toxic, to improve as a team so be straight honest & humble it goes a long way.

I have never played on PC so I asked a Rainbow Six Siege streamer on PC if.. "When he sprints in R6, Shift+W and press A or D to move left or right while sprinting, If that cancels the sprint"?
 He looked a bit confused and said - Nope.

Later on I went in game testing (R6 using Xim Apex) trying to figure it out.. does it get cancelled for me? Yes.
When I sprint with Shift+W no problems I sprint forward and only if I use my mouse to swipe left or right I can turn while continuing sprinting but as soon as I hit A or D my operator stops. Why? I dont let go of my Shift+W but it stops as soon as I hit A or D? Now Im confused.

I tried SAB OFF thinking that it is the closest to PC keyboard movement (no success), then tested 0, 1, 2 up to IDK 20+ or something I dont remember.. However it made no difference.

Is this something you guys could fix with a patch or something for the next BETA?

Im using the latest "official" firmware [20190719] with the matching manager [20190719] not the current [20191217] BETA.

(Any R6 player got a solution for this /other than switching to a Sony Nav / Please answer)

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