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Game Support / Any plans to relook at pubg's ST - Released
« on: 10:58 AM - 06/29/18 »
Pubg's ST was made early on with aim acceleration turned on. Any plans to revisit pubg with aim acceleration turned off?

Game Support / When moving mouse fast in pubg
« on: 12:19 PM - 06/13/18 »
When I move my mouse fast in pubg, the movement on screen is about 1/3 the movement that would happen if I moved the mouse slowly. There are no flashing red lights. I've tried different curves but the results are the same. I know pubg aiming is all messed up, but is the ST curve messed up too? Has it been updated with AA off?

The less my crosshair moves. If I slowly move my mouse from left to right my crosshair will move nearly twice as far. Anyone know what the deal is? I'm guessing some synch issue? 500hz, synch off (I'd put it on slow but it isn't an option for some reason), no ballistic curve, acceleration 0.

Sorry if this has been posted or an inappropriate question.

XIM APEX Discussions / Small movements with mouse
« on: 12:10 PM - 04/27/18 »
Are there any tips to improve small (like several mm) movements with the mouse? In general, I think the apex works great, but when I'm trying to snipe I have somewhat of a hard time making the small movements needed to get a headshot. I use 250hz poll rate with smoothing set to 20 and I've adjusted my sensitivity appropriately. It works decently, but I was wondering if I'm missing something. I've tried 1000hz poll rate but it seems a little worse, but I cannot tell for sure. I have an older naga razor mouse.  Does a gaming mouse pad make a big difference? Maybe a new mouse would be better?

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