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Anyone got a good socom confrontation config

XIM 2 Discussions / Want to make sure i'm doing correctly
« on: 11:52 AM - 03/05/09 »
This issue may need to go in support if it does sorry in advance but when i'm getting the deadzone i follow the x axis and get my mark, then follow the y axis and get it. Then i go diagonal in all directions to get my type. Now this is the part that confuse me sometime. Do i need to put my cursor over one of the dots to get my deadzone number or what? Also sometimes there is two number which do i use? Thanks in advance.

XIM 2 Discussions / Anyone Tried this Adapter??
« on: 10:36 AM - 02/25/09 »
Anyone tried this out for pc headsets? I ordered one just to test it out. I have a Gamecomm 777 headset that i've been dying to use on 360


XIM 2 Discussions / Questions for anyone using CCU
« on: 10:27 AM - 02/25/09 »
1. Do you have to run CCU software to get to work with XIM360?
2. Does the analog stick work well for wsad movements?
3. Are their any mods to make analog stick more like the g13 mods stick?

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