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Hey guys i just downloaded the new updated (0819)
And new app from app store.
So now if i aim with right click it throw grenade and if i shot with left click it will throw tactical??
I tried rest settings on game and xim apex and still same.
This happened after game updated.

Game Support / Corsair K95 and PS4
« on: 08:56 AM - 11/02/18 »
Hey guys i want to know anyone else using this keyboard on xim apex
so as everybody knows this keyboard has keys on left from G1 to G6 all way to the left of the keyboard

so i tried to translate it to Xim apex but won't read it, any suggestions how to get this working? i'm left handed person
so it will be amazing my thumb will be all the time on CTRL then can access G1 on same time.

« on: 10:27 AM - 11/01/18 »
Hey everybody
i have been noticing this problem before the update and after
everytime i Sprint with(SHIFT) run fine as straight but if i turn left with keybind(A) it cancel sprint and sometimes just have to press SHIFT couple times to get the character back in sprint mode and have to sprint again, so tried to turn right(D) didnt cancel and worked fine, whats the solution?its annoying because it just messes me up on kills
also second problem is i have been noticing a small delay i watched kill cam the guy ran into me and i was normally sprinting(IN HIS SCREEN)
but in my screen when he was killing me i was reloading?
how come?maybe its input lag?

devices using is
Keyboard Corsair k95
TV 40" samsung LED 4k UHD with HDR
i saw couple posts but non related to my problems

configuration using RML (current of 101918)

A question off the topic
So my keyboard is Corsair K95 and not many knows it has key binds to the very left (G1 to G6)
can this keybind translate to xim apex to be used? i tried but nothing worked

Game Support / COD WW2- RECOIL
« on: 09:08 AM - 04/12/18 »
Hi guys
i'm new to this forum and the Xim apex..
i purchased it two days ago and i came from cronusmax Xim. yes i see different settings and its better but honestly i'm tired
of looking at videos and try out alot of things to manage my settings and have perfect one for me

currently G903

i kind of got it most of it but i'm having problem with recoil example, Ppsh41 gun high crazy recoil..
i looked at other topic someone says recoil management but i could not understand all of it
i'm sorry for many questions, but someone out here know what going on with recoils can help?

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