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Hardware Compatbility / Controller Crossover (Hitbox)?
« on: 02:08 PM - 06/04/19 »
I'm wanting to purchase this https://www.hitboxarcade.com/products/ps4-pc-hit-box

It seems at the moment that they only make this product for the PS4 but I'm wanting to use it for my XB1X. Will the Xim Apex's controller crossover feature work for this hitbox?


Can someone please test the analog movements of the Joy Con. I started using the Joy Con and noticed that it doesn't register up, down, left and right correctly. I have 2 sets of Joy Con's and have tested both on OW and PUBG and noticed that movement is cut in half when the stick is pressed in any of those directions. If pressed in any diagonal direction the movement registers correctly. My character will move more fluid and faster.

I went back to my Sony Nav and immediately noticed that my movement in all directions was significantly better. Every direction registered as a full press.

Is there a way the Joy Con can be calibrated correctly?


I'm having issues with the scroll wheel side clicks not working correctly in Fortnite. It's very sporadic when I map any actions to them. I have to click them several times to get them to work.They are listed as R Pan and L Pan in the Manager. The main screen on the Manager shows the clicks but the buttons won't register properly. Even if I map R Pan or L Pan to any other buttons on the mouse it acts the same.

Is there an issue with Xim Apex recognizing R pan and L pan properly?

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