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General Discussion / XIM4 Kickstarter (Suggestion)
« on: 09:02 AM - 11/18/13 »
Hey this is just a suggestion for Obsiv

I'm not sure if this would work for your business model, but having read through the forums about people pledging to preorder the XIM4 and willing to pay for any patch/firmware for the Edge ..obviously a fee for the patch would ultimately fail once the firmware leaked. But have you considered starting a Kickstarter for the XIM4

1. You would gain more exposure, and may lead to a commercial product

2. It gives people a place to show you their support through actual funding and in return you could set the pledge rewards to offer people an XIM. And this also could give you a general indication with hard numbers of what kind of demand is out there.

3. It would be a more centralized area for people to follow the development of the XIM as opposed to a forum-style approach (which is a little tedious at times)

Anyways, just a thought

*And on a side note, THANK YOU, I stumbled on these forums a few years back and its solely because of your efforts and whomever helped you that I can play on a console with my friends. I can't stress this enough, thank you ...and yes I will buy the XIM4 lol

Game Support / REQ: Payday: The Heist [PS3]
« on: 01:09 PM - 11/19/12 »
Does anybody know of a working ST for Payday: The Heist ...it was a PSN game.


So I'm sure by now everyone owns an Edge, still coming up with the cash to get mine. In the meantime was hoping that someone has a decent config for GRFS?

Thanks in adanvce if you do and for the help.

Configurations and Requests / Battlefield 3 [Retail]
« on: 09:42 AM - 10/25/11 »
So guys I gotta say I'm a little disappointed in the community, I mean I know last night at 12, no one would be rushing to the boards...but 11 hours later, and not one post? XIM3 comes out and there's no love for the good ol' XIM1? lol

Well anyways, I picked up the game last night at midnight, and here's my impressions:
- Console graphics are way better than expected
- Maps are huge, borderline too big lol
- And the worst impression, felt it in the first minute: They did something to the aiming, it's heavy, floaty, clunky, whatever you wanna call it

The beta for all its flaws had smooth aiming even on the XIM1, but last night, same config and I was struggling to aim. So if anyone can put together a decent config, or do I have to just shell out the cash for the XIM3?

And from what little I've read, a few people are noticing this change in aiming, so I don't know anymore...most disappointing thing about BF3 in my opinion

Playstation / XIM3 on PS3?
« on: 06:07 PM - 02/07/11 »
I haven't been following the boards much lately, but I've come back and I've seen that the XIM3 went on sale, and now the store is temporarily closed.

My question, if anyone was lucky enough to get one and owns a PS3, have you tried it/does it work?

I know it's early, but does anyone have anything. I really want this game, but I need to know the XIM runs well.


Playstation / New FPS Controller For PS3
« on: 10:10 PM - 02/25/09 »
I was browsing some gaming news and came across this:


First person shooters are popular on pretty much every platform, but PC gamers have always claimed that the mouse and keyboard combination are ideal for the FPS gaming control scheme. Having played the games on both the PC and consoles I would tend to agree.

A new peripheral for the PS3 is being released in ninety days thatíll allow console gamers to achieve a slice of that pinpoint accuracy. Itís actually two controllers, and unfortunately for any lefties itís obviously designed only for right handed gamers as the buttons on the mouse are located on the left side for easy thumb access. The other controller is a bit like a Wiimote, with its own analog stick and d-pad.

I still think the XIM will reign supreme, but I thought I'd share.

Support / Extra Mouse Buttons (Non-Responsive)
« on: 07:41 PM - 02/20/09 »
Alright I just bought the Razer Lachesis ..cool mouse and what not, but I reconfiged the side mouse buttons to keyboard keys such as V B N & M ...I set the XIM (for PS3) keys to V B N M ...but for some reason they won't work off the mouse in-game ...only in Windows XP.

I'm returning it tomorrow for the G5, cause frankly I don't think I need 4000dpi, but I was so excited to have a mouse with 9 buttons ...except only the regular mouse buttons work.

Do these extra mouse buttons not work the XIM?

Help please, thanks

I know this is probably a stretch, but does anyone have a decentconfig for Rainbow Six Vegas?

This game had its flaws, but it was one of my favorite games, just hoping to enjoy it once in a while.

I'd also appreciate any Metal Gear Solid 4 configs.


XIM 1 Discussions / Received XIM ..Mouse choice?
« on: 09:32 AM - 02/03/09 »
[EDIT 2.8.09]

So I received my XIM, and it works like a charm even with my standard Logitech optical mouse. However, I do want to purchase a better mouse, but I keep seeing two names popping up here on the forums: G5 & MX518 ...can anyone recommend which is better out of the two in regards to using it with the XIM1?


Hey, I just found what seems to be the best approach to mouse/keyboard for the PS3 with this XIM1 gadget ...but I got some really general questions that I haven't quite found the answers for, sorry if they have been answered already, but if someone wouldn't mind either answering them or pointing me in the right direction.

1. I want to purchase an XIM1, but I'm not sure exactly how it works. From the tutorial pictures it looks like it attaches to the PS3 but you need a PC as well. Does your PC have to be running simultaneously to have your keyboard/mouse work? ...I just wanna be able to use my TV to view my PS3, and not my computer screen (although my TV is capable of doubling as a monitor).

2. Will I need to purchase a mouse. I'm using a standard Logitech optical mouse, but everywhere I look I see people talking about the G5 ...I'm assuming it works more efficiently with the XIM than any other mouse?

3. I have a question about the adapter, but from what I gather any confirmed-working adapter with 60+ updates will be ideal or is there is a specific brand the community would recommend?

I'm really sorry once again if these questions have been asked, but I'll be spending upwards of $100, and I just want to make sure it will work as best as possible. I've never quite gotten the hang of a controller, and I need a mouse.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds, and one more thing, I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the support section, but I'm thought the XIM1 discussion section might be more appropriate.

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