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XIM APEX Discussions / Beta Apex Firmware
« on: 11:19 AM - 04/04/18 »
Would like to use the newer firmware with the advanced config options, I have sent a PM to OBsIV. Do I now just wait patiently until I can get added to this for my iPhone?

XIM APEX Discussions / New User
« on: 12:55 AM - 04/03/18 »
So I was wondering will my new Logitech g703 wireless mouse work with this new Apex. I have been a PC gamer for 12+ years and now most of my friends play on console so hopefully this will help reduce my struggle to transfer over to console. I fear nothing can ever be truly 100% PC feel.

But I am mostly wondering whether I can use my g703 without the charge cable? I can change it on the PC during the night etc.

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