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Hi all,

Some new experimental settings for you try, my old ones work fine but we all have preferences so feel free to give these a go and feedback.

I must credit Oldmancluth606 and AlanMcGregor for their influence on them as i have taken parts of theirs and fused it with mine.

Video link to settings:

Image of in game settings:

Code for settings:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends] START COPY >>>

Firmware: 20190719
Manager: 2010819

Apex Legends ST
1000 hrtz
1000 polling
3200 DPI

Sync: default
SAB: 0

No ADS page - tick the activation button (default is right mouse) until it says 'none'

Manage your ADS sense in game as explained in the video

Few clips taken from a few hours using this config:

Let me know how you guys get on

Shared Configs / MW beta config: d1sable
« on: 02:16 PM - 09/12/19 »
Early days but frying with this currently. Will update as i tweak.

Latest beta firmware

12k dpi
1000 hrtz and polling
Sync off
Sab 50 both
Smoothing 7

Hip: 70
Ads: 30

In game:

AA: standard
Curve: standard
Sense 20 / 20

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare] START COPY >>>

Game Support / Apex Legends new solo mode
« on: 12:53 AM - 08/14/19 »
Hi all,

Barely been gaming of late, a mixture of boredom and real life getting in the way but i noticed they have added solos so my interest has increased.

I jumped on last night for a few and really enjoyed it but I'm interested to know your thoughts on it, do you guy's like it?

In particular I'd like to know what's considered a high amount of kills in a win as I'd like to post some gameplay but genuinely don't know what's considered high.

I had a look online quickly but no joy, perhaps it's too new.

What do you guys think, good game mode? What's the highest amount of kills you've managed?


Hi all,

DPI 3,200
Polling: 1000
Hrtz: 1000

Hip: 24
Sync: Default
SAB: 0

ADS: 16
Sync: Default
SAB: 200

FOV: 94

In game 7,7

Few clips:

Please subscribe if you like <3


XIM APEX Discussions / Gaming Monitor
« on: 09:25 AM - 05/03/19 »
Does anybody have any recommendations for a gaming monitor for PS4 pro ?

Willing to spend around £500 but could be swayed.

I'm a complete tech novice so not even sure what i need to be looking for.

Ideally low input lag and a HDR monitor is what i want (i think?!)

I like smaller monitors too usually so 24 or 27 would be best

Thanks guys

Hi all,

A little pet project of mine here, with some impressive results so far.

Just to be clear i'm not saying this config is better than my last, just different, in truth i haven't had the game time to extensively test it so i'm hoping that's where you guys come in.

We all know that Apex Legends added advanced look controls post the ST being created and in my opinion these should not be changed when using the official ST as all you are doing in a round about way is adding or taking away acceleration etc by doing so. Which is a big no no to me. At this point i should also add the ST eliminates all that as long as you use the recommended settings and is perfect 1 to 1, there is nothing wrong with it.

Why make this config then you say? Well i guess it was to see if the advanced controls could add anything to the experience and more to test myself as i have created a new ST from scratch (ish).

Anyway ill stop the rambling and post the setup.

Firmware: 20190320
Manager: 20190315

******ST =  Generic Alpha (at the bottom of the list of games)******


In game settings:

90 FOV


As you can see from these i have taken any value that involves acceleration out of the equation.

The response curve when all the way to the left gives a nice linear line and makes it feel very responsive.

Outer threshold is on default and the deadzone is one click to the right, this is important as the curve is set up in conjunction with this.

Now this curve needs to be applied to both hip and ads.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

This curve is known as a boost curve and is completely linear, you can create the same effect using the boost feature i just decided to do it this way.

Here is my full config if you prefer:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Generic Alpha] START COPY >>>

This is the main part of the config now complete, like always you can use whatever DPI / Sync etc you prefer, i haven't got round to testing them all so this may run even better on an alternative than i am using, however here is what i have been using.

1000 hrtz and polling
12k DPI
Sync Default
Hip 22
ADS 12

So what is the end result? I feel like this set up produces a less sticky AA experience which can be very useful at times.

In particular i notice the hip fire feels very free from AA interference and using the Wingman or a more "flicky" style of aim seems to work well with it. I also find moving to the head in their hit box is easier. Of course there is trade off and spamming fire from distance is perhaps less "sticky".

Let me know your experience.

As ever here is a video of it in action, the first bonus clip shows the good hip fire (or maybe my leet movement ;)) the rest of the video is a 17 kill game with over 3k damage using mainly wingman. I appreciate any subs, trying to make it to a 1000. Thanks all.

Game Support / Apex Legends - Opinion
« on: 03:56 PM - 02/28/19 »
Hi all,

Just thought I would give some general opinions on this game having finally had time to sink significant minutes into it.
No real point to this, just some mad ramblings with fellow games / Ximers.

Just for some background info I’ve been playing with a Xim(4) since midway through Blops3, before that I was a decent control pad player (had around 2.5k KD pre Xim) and a long time before that I was a PC gamer on COD / UT2004 / Quake etc.  Used to play for 12 hours + a day in my pants, you know the deal.

Used to love PC gaming but I’m getting on now (35 next month) and life took over so I became more casual (bloody kids!) and of course all my mates (and I) could no longer afford good gaming rigs and so I switched to Playstation and eventually Xim.

I consider myself a very good FPS gamer (hard to write this sort of stuff without feeling like its bragging, but it’s not the intention I assure you, it’s just for context).  I have played most COD’s and now most BR’s out there (except PubG) – some of you may have seen my Fortnite or Blackout game plays.

This game however I have had some difficulty with, which I’m not used to. Don’t get me wrong I have some really good games but I guess it’s just an inner feeling of not being happy with my performance overall  and lacking a little consistency– maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyway enough with the intro and blowing my own trumpet. Going to give some feedback on this game and even some tips – probably more useful to newer players.


•   I think this game has set the benchmark for looting / farming – it actually makes it kind of fun which is a rarity amongst most BR’s. The system is highly efficient and never feels like a chore, care packages too are nicely balanced imo. Fortnite has even partially responded to this I think by giving shield and materials upon killing someone to reduce farm time (and encourage aggressive play).

•   The legends or specialist abilities are actually pretty good or at least not highly annoying which is an achievement in itself, anyone who plays Blops 4 multiplayer will understand where I’m coming from – some of those abilities are just straight death and take no skill, which kind of ruins the skill gap.


•   Although I like the loot system I don’t like how much your loot actually affects gunfights. Purple armour and a Devotion up against Mozambique and a white shield? Your sir are dead. There is no outplaying, there is no out aiming, there is only death. Whilst I appreciate that is similar in other games it feels far more exaggerated here – especially in a game where the time to kill can be higher than your actual clip size. Sinking a full mag into someone early game only to see them laugh at you is pretty annoying.

•   Lag / Tick rate / Frame rate – this game feels very inconsistent, sometimes stuff hits, sometimes it does not. When it feels like you have no control over that it upsets me. It feels like early Fortnite before they made it 60 FPS and changed the game. Hopefully they can do something similar because in that game if I die I felt I could at least in some way look at where I went wrong and try and improve, in this game it feels like there wasn’t much I could have done differently.

•   FOV – now I don’t know if this is linked to the ST and sensitivity or not, it may have no effect for all I know but it certainly feels like it’s easier to aim on low FOV but then you have tunnel vision and the pace of the game feels much slower. Now I know the pace is in reality no different and gold fish bowl effect plays a part but it can have an impact on play style – much like in UT2004 where you could customize FOV it would often lead to a certain play style. Low FOV meant hit scan shock rifle and calm turret like play whilst high FOV leant itself to dodge jumping into people’s faces with a Flak Cannon / Rox. Getting the right FOV here in APEX seems tough and it would be nice to know if it is having an effect our aim in a negative way when coupled with the ST trained at 70. Also of course the player models appear larger on screen at lower FOV so that may be the reason it feels easier to hit shots.

•   No aim assist at 8 sense? Seems to be a thing, is this a bug? If it’s not a bug and its intentional then perhaps the ST should be retrained for 7 / 7 ? The fact is we don’t know how much acceleration occurs between 7 and 8 so it stands to reason we could be using an imperfect ST as we are not using the recommended settings. That is not a go at Mist / Odin etc because how could they have known that, however perhaps if it is not a bug then it should be looked at. On that note we don’t even seem to know for sure if there is more aim assist on say 4 ads compared to 7. Seems crazy to me that aim assist would be linked to sensitivity in that way, I really hope it’s not the case.

•   Player models – this needs fixing ASAP again it seems mental to me that you are easier to hit and therefore at a disadvantage by using certain legends. Hopefully they will sort that as its kind of game breaking.

•   No solo? Really annoying for a predominately solo gamer (play weird times due to kids and shift work) – This game isn’t really one you can carry people on consistently like Fortnite so I hope they change that.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I have forgotten but this is getting very war and peace so ill leave it here for now – just going to leave a few tips that have helped me.


•   Aggression is absolutely key in this game; attack is the best form of defence as they say. The fact you can pick up someone’s shield and be at full rather than waste time healing lends itself to aggressive mobile play. Swapping you purple shield for a blue even if the situation requires should be done imo, you can always swap back later, use it to your advantage.

•   On that note, aggressive team play is the absolute boss. If like me you find yourself being the first into battle then I tend to try and down 1 person and then immediately bail out using an ability or natural cover as if you get team shot by 2 or 3 people you are dead. You cannot out build them ala fortnite! This is when you need to hope your teammates engage and start shooting. When this happens you may be very weak from the first fight and think “right, I need to heal”. In most cases this is not what you should do, sure try and pop one quick shield cell but get back into the fight and try to team shot the enemy again. The reason being is it’s just so powerful and can down people in seconds; it also helps prevent you being aggressively swarmed from all angles whilst you heal, if that happens you are dead anyway so you may as well try and down a second enemy or at least damage assist. If you can force your enemy to begin healing / reviving in some way then take the impetus and consciously try and stop yourself from “turtling”. This is my experience anyway.

•   Extended mags – the most clutch attachment by far, it’s basically a must on most guns. If you have designs on taking out a full squad then make sure you have it, it also turns the R-99 and R301 into god guns, without it they can be underwhelming.

•   Lifeline, Wraith and Pathfinder (personal fav) are pretty much the only legends worth using if playing with randoms like I do. There is an argument for Bangalore due to her speed burst and smoke but her missile launch thing often works against aggressive pushes (kill self) so I’m not a fan overall. Lifeline is easily the best though, firstly she has a small hit box like wraith but her main perk is the ability to heal and shield up faster (I think a phoenix kit takes like 7 seconds or something), she’s a solo vs squad dream – add in her heal drone and guaranteed high end loot from her drop a few times a map and there is no comparison. Pathfinder and Wraith for the quick getaways basically.

•   Guns I guess are personal preference in some cases but for killing whole squads pretty much solo then you just need a Spitfire / Wingman / Devotion (if you have ammo) / R301 / R-99 – my personal fav combo is a Spitfire and an extended mags R301 or 99.

Lastly ill leave my setup and a recent game play vid for those that want to try it



Feel free to add you opinions / tips / thoughts on these musings down below, happy fragging gamers.

Shared Configs / d1sable Apex Legends Config 10/04/19
« on: 12:38 PM - 02/15/19 »
My Apex Legends config:

Highest kill game 26
Highest damage 5.8k

Stats: https://apex.tracker.gg/profile/psn/YouTube_d1sable


500 hrtz and polling
4k DPI
Default Sync

22 Hip
16 ADS

In game:

Hip 7
Classic curve
Small deadzone
FOV 90

Firmware: 20190601
Manager: 20190601

My youtube is here if you would like to sub it would be greatly appreciated.


Video Link to settings:

Full config:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends] START COPY >>>

Support / [RESOLVED] Ads button not working correctly
« on: 10:50 AM - 01/31/19 »

I'm currently having an issue with the ads (right click) on Fortnite.

Seems around 30% of the time it won't scope in or will spam scope.

I haven't changed anything of late except i updated to latest beta firmware ( but did this a week ago or when it came out and didnt notice until now).

Very frustrating as it stops me adsing alot.

I have tried swapping controller and cable.

Have checked all binds to see if i accidentally bound something

I have messed about with SAB in case it was that (values of 0 to 100).

Still no joy, could it be the latest firmware?

Had a few requests for this so thought i would post - nothing fancy!

I don't play Blackout all that much but when i do its usually with work mates who are, let me be kind, god awful.

Stats are here, as you can see i only really play quads with them.


No idea if they are any good but just for some context.


G502 - Cloth Pad
12k dpi
1000 hrtz and polling
default sync

In game settings all at max (ads at default 1.00)
Scope at 0.75

Hip 9.0
ADS 5.0
ADS delay 270ms SAT ticked on

SAB at 50

I use the same on multiplayer

Full config is here:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Call of Duty: Black Ops 4] START COPY >>>

Random blackout gameplay here:



General Discussion / Advice on buying a gaming PC
« on: 10:52 AM - 01/04/19 »
Hi guys im after some advice on buying a new PC / Monitor.

Had my eyes on this one:


Im completely out of the loop having not purchased a PC for 10 years.

Does this deal look decent? If so, what monitor would you pair it with?

Thanks in advance.

Shared Configs / d1sable Fortnite Config
« on: 03:37 PM - 09/28/18 »
Updated Settings

12k DPI
1000 hrtz and polling
Default Sync
9.0 Hip
No ADS profile (avoid ramp slow down)

SAB 100

Ads 0.60

Scope 0.75

Build Sense 1.20

AA on

No other changes to XY Smoothing etc

https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/psn/d1sable1984   (My 6 year old daughter has been playing most of season 7)



Game Support / Fortnite - Goodbye Season Five
« on: 01:39 PM - 09/27/18 »
Probably not strictly the right place to post this video but spent a little while editing it so as just looking for some feedback really. 

All clips apart from the first one were captured in the last couple few days.

Thanks all.

Game Support / Fortnite Season Six update
« on: 03:08 AM - 09/27/18 »
Hi guys this is from the patch notes:

Bug Fixes
Increased the precision and frequency of rotation values sent over the network so that changes to other player rotations and aim direction appear to be smoother.
Improvements made to prevent players from appearing to have jittery movement, especially during skydiving.
Caused by incorrect acceleration values being sent over the network.
This was also sometimes causing other players to appear to be using the wrong skydiving animation

Do we think any of that relates to aiming?

Might be worth checking the ST regardless due to their history of stealth changes.

Game Support / Fortnite critical controller issue
« on: 11:14 AM - 09/04/18 »
Epic just tweeted


Bet the look mechanic changes again on the 6th...

Sorry Admins lol, they are keeping you busy

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