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Configurations and Requests / MX518 -- MW2 config tweak?
« on: 03:53 AM - 01/01/10 »
been trying every config i find on the forums, but having a problem with vertical movement. if i try to twitch up to toss a flashbang or similar, it normally cuts hard to the side too (diagonal) and ends up a waste of equipment, and quite often bounces off something and hits me instead.

is this a deadzone issue? been trying to figure out what causes this so i can fix it.

General Discussion / XIM and the NIA?
« on: 09:28 PM - 02/19/09 »
I'm excitedly awaiting my XIM order, and am wondering if it would work in combination with the OCZ Neural Interface Actuator...
I will probably try it out the moment both of them are in my possession, wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the duo.
I'm enjoying thinking that it will. Hopefully the two pieces of software won't conflict, nor will they create a lag of any noticeable amount.

XIM 2 Discussions / XIM360 <3 - User Feedback and Comments
« on: 07:21 PM - 02/05/09 »
Now that the Flex batch is shipping out pretty constant, there is a bunch of new users getting their first OMG moments with this device.

I'm putting this thread here for everyone to come share their experiences.

Please do not post support requests or configuration questions here (there are plenty other threads for that), instead use this thread to talk about the product and also to give any thanks or praise to the developers who made this project a reality.

Also don't forget, many of us are online frequently, feel free to join us for some gaming.


(Note: I merged some of the early feedback posts into this post, trying to keep things organized)

Not with the Xim... I haven't gotten mine yet, I'm int'l order #344 or something

What I'm talking about is the speed these things are being shipped... they're blasting through the orders, and it looks like a lot of people are going to be really happy sooner than they expected.

I've got a question, if anyone knows the answer and would like to share.

How long does it take from start to finish (on average) to build and test one of these?

Another question... Are there many problems encountered in the building process? say, one in every 15 has a defect or something...?

Just interested.

Keep up the good work!

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