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So I know rainbow six sieges aim mechanics are bad which is why you gave people the option between updated and classic however assuming you didn't give everyone two options because people didn't complain and the game wasn't so popular what ST was actually better for the XIM Apex that you would've used?

Cuisine Royale is a shooter game which means it would greatly benefit from the XIM Apex. It's even more popular than Hyper Scape which is also a battle royale and it came out after Cuisine did which means it should be more popular. Yet this game is supported and Cuisine isn't? The developers even updated the game for Seies X, they're very active.

If games like hyperscape will get an ST then please add one for this game. because using other configs isn't good.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex Legends Settings Question
« on: 08:04 AM - 02/09/20 »
Most people use custom advanced controls on apex legends and it feels a lot better than the recommended settings to use on this site, would it benefit people if the ST was retrained around the best advanced settings where you can very precisely adjust yaw and pitch values for hip and ads individually?

It's a shooter battle Royale game on Xbox One that very badly needs support because all of the fake profiles I made for it aren't stable enough, and it's an extremely fun game.

XIM APEX Discussions / R6S Which Look Mechanic Do I Use
« on: 11:25 PM - 07/05/19 »
I downloaded the new config and checked the sites settings and it didn't specify which of the two looking settings I should use under my ingame settings. Anyone know?

People have blamed inconsistent polling rates the higher your polling rate is on the mouse's processor inside being too weak, however this is only partially true. Even if you have a Zowie FK2 you're not going to poll 1000hz consistently. Polling rate isn't only determined by the mouse's processor, that information is sent through the XIM and then through the Xbox. It is then processed as quickly and accurately as possible and through that translation since Xbox is not a PC that was meant for this it is not as accurate and there is one additional step it must go through unlike a PC making it even slower. By the time it reaches your game as input it is not 1000hz almost ever, according to my test on my Zowie I was getting an average of 940-975hz and it kept jumping around.

Here are some test examples of what it looks like.

If you are thinking about getting a mouse just because you really want the best 1000hz experience since polling rate is more important on the XIM as it combats aim assist then dont. Just get a mouse with a flawless sensor that has a comfortable shape for you. This is also not saying do not use 1000hz, it is just saying do not expect actual 1000hz. You are using a device that emulates a mouse and keyboard this is not a PC.

XIM APEX Discussions / Syncronization Question
« on: 09:06 AM - 06/20/19 »
Common sync is meant for 60fps, default is inbetween slow and common which is why its recommended if you don't know your games framerate.

Which syncronization should you use if you're playing a game like battlefield that runs at low 50 fps all the time? Or a game that hits 60 but keeps dropping a lot? Should I use default since it's not really 60fps? Or should I use common because it's not close to 30fps?

Also, as a PC player which one feels more like a PC experience? Having my sync off or having my sync match my games framerate?

XIM 1 / Horrible!! 125hz in 2019?!
« on: 04:54 AM - 06/06/19 »
This was an absolute scam, I plugged it into my console and it wouldn't even sync. Someone told me to put it in the freezer because it will recharge the lithium battery inside and now it won't even turn on. Im never buying another XIM product this was not worth the $200 I paid on ebay. The XIM1 sucks

What do you have to divide your sensitivty by to get your old sensitivty back? What is the conversation

Game Support / R6S Changing it's curve next season
« on: 02:31 PM - 05/16/19 »
http://imgur.com/a/bII9pmv Here's a screenshot of R6S developers saying they're going to be changing the curve on Console for more comfortable aiming shortly, the acceleration is to fast for most users they said. I'm leaving this here has a heads up so you guys know, and to also ask if this config will be updated in the future after this change takes place?

XIM APEX Discussions / Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
« on: 04:11 PM - 05/06/19 »
I don't know if this is for every game, or if it only is happening to me but whenever I use the auxiliary option on Rainbow Six Siege something happens with my sensitivity
To explain what happens I'll explain how to recreate it, go to auxiliary, set the activation to left mouse click (the shoot button) now if I ADS and click the left mouse button (shoot) my sensitivity goes extremely high, and is only fixed by unadsing even if I press shoot again. Since I have the same sync and sens, and it's not on toggle my sensitivity shouldn't be doing this whenever I ADS and press the shoot button.

XIM APEX Discussions / Best DPI for XIM Apex Disscussion
« on: 12:18 PM - 04/21/19 »
Alright so I've been using the XIM products for quite a long time however there is one thing that's really not agreed on with no straight answer. If I ask what's the best DPI that the XIM will work the best with and provide the best mouse movements it's either 3000-4000 or 100000-120000 (So low and high) I really wanna know from people who have created the XIM or people who have used many different configs which one offers a better experience? What's the CORRECT DPI range someone using XIM Apex should be using?

Game Support / Apex Legends Look Type Question
« on: 02:19 PM - 02/18/19 »
Why was the default classic look type the one you guys built your ST around? Wouldn't the linear "raw input" one be better? When I use that one it gets rid of the slow turning effect and it just sounds like it would of been better. Do you guys just use the default one automatically or was it deemed to give the best mouse input?

XIM APEX Discussions / Sensitivity issue with xim apex?
« on: 03:53 PM - 01/24/19 »
I noticed whenever I use certain values, like if I were to use the sensitivity 17.35 my mouse movements are jittery but if i just use 17 or 18 its not. Does the xim apex have problems rounding or calculating? It reminds me of mouse's they usually run by a 400dpi variable so if you use 900dpi it might not be as smooth because the processor inside of it has to do more work when you do that. Maybe the xim apex has the same problem, or maybe its just with me but i swear my mouse movments appears to be worse when I use values like that

Ever since the latest big update for rainbow six siege my xim hasnt felt very good with it, it's more jittery to. I thought it might only be me but the youtubers I watch who play siege with the xim also noticed somethings up https://youtu.be/fW-qDBipqK8 since siege is one of the most popular games that is continually growing I hope you guys look into this, thank you for your time

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