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XIM 4 Discussions / Ballistic curve required
« on: 03:06 PM - 08/07/19 »
Hi all.
Can any one draw precision aiming  curve for Xim4? The details one link below #3


Thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / Razer Mouse Macros
« on: 12:18 PM - 03/26/18 »
Hi everyone
I have Razer Mamba TE Mouse connected to Xim4 then to PS4,
When i do Macros Record on the Mouse itís working on PC and not working on Xim4
Does Xim4 support onboard Razer Mouse with marco setting?
Does Xim Apex will support Marco ?

Technical Support / [Q/A] 2 ballistics Curves
« on: 04:26 AM - 03/24/18 »
Can I use 2 ballistics curve
For ex: i put curve in ADS1 and make a new profile named ADS2 and putting deferent Curve.
Iam doing that to get steady aim in RainbowSix Seige
Hope to hear from you soon

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