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Does anyone have good keybinds for g13

Easy-Link USB 2.0 Windows Data Transfer Cable - Driver Free - USB 2.0 Data Link Cable 1.5 Meter - Transfer Data Copy Data from Windows to Windows/PC to PC

in need of some help stick  aa setting what are the best config 

Game Support / sony nav g502 hero mw settings
« on: 06:49 AM - 11/04/19 »
any one got awsome settings for a sony nav g502

any one got good settings for sony nav g502  for mw settings

XIM APEX Discussions / gamepack to use when on pc xim apex
« on: 10:15 AM - 09/28/19 »
what game pack do you use for xim apex when playing pc

XIM APEX Discussions / xim apex to gaming laptop
« on: 05:57 AM - 09/28/19 »
can i use my xim apex to my laptop i want to play call of duty but when i plug my ps4 controller in it wont work 

Game Support / mw beta settings needed
« on: 09:44 AM - 09/15/19 »
im using a sony nav and a g305 just having difficult with aiming

just curious whats awsome seetings people having with the new firmware on xim apex pc feeling

i like to try other peoples  configs  atm am usin havoc version 6  i like a fast sensitivity  thanks all

Game Support / post your best settings for blackout
« on: 04:17 PM - 11/26/18 »
RML standard config is awsome with no curves 

IS anyone hving a good time with good setups im using g13 with a g403 mouse

basically iv downloaded firmware version 5.00.20181109 but my manager says 5.00.20180528 on my samsung s9 how do i get my mager version to work and boost and steady aim to work  any advice would help thank you

i really like using aim assist for xim apex anyone have any good configs

Game Support / the best blackout bo4 configs please
« on: 11:36 AM - 10/18/18 »
just looking for a really good blackout config

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