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Hey guys,

I use Nexus almost a half of an year now and I played mainly Destiny 2 and MW2. Yeah other games too, but these two games were the ones, where I always struggled with vehicles or Sparrows. I ended up using an extra config (via smart action activation), with a higher sens, to not beeing limited while using vehicles.

Today I thought....waiiiiiiiit a minute.....they say in the initial config you should set your ingame sens to 100% or max and dial it in with the app. This is what I did always and so on....but today I thought....why is this so? For Apex this made absolutely sens because the mouse movements are better and such....but THIS is a controller...like every other controller too. So what happens, when I set the sensitivity in the Nexus App for Hip and ADS to 100% which equals 1by1 translation in the game and set my Ingame sens to my hearts contents?

So I made it. Set in my Destiny 2 Config the Stick sens for both ADS and Hip to 100% in the Nexus App and then dialed ingame my sens to 8 which I always used since years, when I played Destiny 2 with a normal controller.

And guess what? when you summon your sparrow, you can sparrow like you would with a normal controller....no extra config needed!!

I will do this for ALL of my games now...this prevents any strange behavior for vehicles or so....I will give it a try later in MW2 DMZ too...but I already deleted the extra config because I'm very confident it will work.

And its maybe interesting for those of you who are used to a sens and don't want to translate into the percentage of the Nexus App. Just make 100% and set your sens in game what it always was before Nexus.

Of course stick curves can be a limit maybe. But I use a exponential curve for my Hip sticks and it does not interfere with my sparrowing....so no problem for me. If you use a heavy exponential curve, then maybe it could be a problem.

Please try it out! And give me feedback, if it feels any different to you. For me not and I can use my sparrow like every other person in Destiny and don't have to load any other config or such. Its a GAMECHANGER!!

Shared Configs / Racing Game Template
« on: 03:01 AM - 07/10/22 »
Hey folks,

inspired by Rhosta (he gave the tip in another thread, where someone asked how to get it to work in a racing game) I wanna share my „template“ where you can start and fine tweak to your liking. I used this setup last night in The Crew 2 and it worked very good. Maybe I will give it a try in Forza Horizon 5 too these days. But Forza has another steering mechanic so maybe I have to tweak it there.

Long story short here is my setup I‘m running for racing games. Important note! You have to have the latest beta version for both manager and controller! Please go to the „Beta-Section“ of the Xim Nexus forum!

Make a new config and select „Generic Alpha“ (honestly I have no clue whats the difference between alpha, beta, gamma etc. Maybe OBsIV can help us out here?). I have no Ease In configured, feel free to use 50ms (thats the standard I use for shooter, but in Racing I want it to be precise as possible)

I use 80% as my motion aim. What I wanna tweak too these days is the Y-Scale. I will post an update, when I‘m satisfied with it :) . Important note: If you wanna hold you Controller upright like a steering wheel, then click „tilt for horizontal aim“. You will understand why in a sec :)

Go to Smart Actions, scroll down, press the „+“ and add a new binding. Look for Motion Roll (if you wanna fly like in The Crew 2, you can configure Motion tilt as well) and set the slider on the top to 90°. Then select your left stick X axis. Thats it! And here is why ou have to click „tilt for horizontal aim“. Because Motion Roll is standard tilting the controller. When you click the „tilt…“-option in the hip config, then it „invertes“ and you can „aim“ like you would in shooter AND you can tilt. For me it‘s more comfy to hold the controller upright like a steering wheel and steer like this. But you can try. If you like more to tilt, then tilt :D

Congrats! Now you‘ll be able to steer with your gyro controller in racing games :)

Like I said, this is just a template! You have to tweak it to your liking! Maybe you wanna have another smoothing options, or more or less motion aim or or or….there are a lot of things. But it‘s the same in every game right? :D

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Stick Curves Explaination
« on: 11:00 PM - 06/28/22 »
Hello fellow Ximers :)

Yesterday I was playing around with the curves for the sticks in the latest beta app. But I can not figure out how the curves work...

Do I understand it correctly, when I use a normal curve which looks like ) <- this, this means there is a more fine behavior when I move the sticks slightly and it accelerates to full acceleration, when I move the stick to the fullest right? This comes in handy for sniping I guess?

But what happens when I flip the curve to ( <- this? Will it be faster then? I tried to take a look into the manual of the Xim Nexus but there is only a short section which tells me, that there are curves in the manager....a cool thanks for that :D

But can I find anywhere a more detailed explaination what which curve exactly does? I'm tryng to fine tune my sticks for certain games, this is why I ask.


Beta / + and - Button-Adjustment
« on: 02:55 AM - 06/26/22 »

I had no idea how do I title it, so sorry if the title isn‘t very clear. What I wanna suggest is, making the + and - buttons larger and/or a little bit more far away from the slider.

What slider am I talking about? Good question! Thanks! I‘m talking about the + and - buttons from the smart action adjustments. For example aim magnitude, aim angle, etc. You have a slider and next to it on the left and right side are the + and - buttons for microadjustments. So far so good, but I don‘t know if I‘m the only one with thick thumbs, but sometimes I wanna make a microadjustment and tapping plus, for example and then boom I hit the slider and BAM I‘m back at 100%  >:(

This can be very frusttrating. Why are the + and - buttons so small and so close to the slider? Can‘t you make them a little bit bigger and set them a little bit more far right and far left? So that hitting the slider accidentally isn‘t a thing anymore?

I would REALLY appreciate it! I think this is just a design thing and should not very complicated to implement, right?

Thanks in advance!

Hey my fellow Destiny Gamers,

this is a specific question for you guys. How do you drive your sparrow with the XIM Nexus Controller? Because when I summon my sparrow, its like super heavy to steer. You steer with the right stick, which is also the aiming stick. When I move normal, its fast and so on, but when I'm on a sparrow, its impossible to steer.

On XIM Apex there was the possibility to make extra pages for auxillery. So you could make an extra config for your sparrow, so you could make a faster "right stick" so that you could steer with the mouse easily.

But on XIM Nexus App, there is no possibility to do this. So whats the trick here?

Thanks in advance!

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Jittery Motion Aim on PC
« on: 07:20 AM - 02/13/22 »
Hey Guys,

got my Xim Nexus this week and loving it so far. But I encountered a strange bug. When I use my XIM Nexus on my Xbox Series X, the motion aim is buttery smooth. I can track enemies and get better with it no problems. When I use it on PC, the motion aim is totally jittery and stuttering. I use the same config on the same game. The game I'm talking about is Destiny 2.

I use the Xbox Series X/S ST on both my Xbox and my PC (because there is no PC ST for it yet, like for the Division 2). And I use the smoothing setting from pyro90294. Which I like very much and on my Xbox its very smooth like I said. But on PC the motion aim is unusable.

I don't know whats interferring. I use on PC the connection with just the dongle. On Xbox I have the Xbox Series controller connected to the dongle. Maybe is this the problem? That I don't have a controller connected to the dongle, when I'm on PC? But in the user guide in the connection part, it says, just the dongle is enough.

I don't know whats the problem here. Maybe you guys have some ideas. Ah and yes I have both the controller firmware and the dongle firmware on the latest version. (no beta)

Thanks in advance!

XIM APEX Discussions / Using one pair of MnK on PC
« on: 09:26 AM - 09/29/20 »
Hi guys,

I‘m one of the rare species which is using the xim apex on pc. What bothers me is, that I have to use 2 mice and keyboards. I would like to use just one pair and just switch it up between „controller mode“ for the xim and „normal mode“ when I‘m using the pc in a normal way or for games, which I like to play without the xim.

I was thinking in 2 options. 1st an USB KVM Switch (here in a forum are some recommended which I would buy) oooorrrrr 2nd I was thinking if maybe xim link could work. Just instead of connecting the transfer cable to the console, I would just connect it again to my pc. But before I buy a cable or a switch for 30 bucks, which maybe in the end don‘t work, I wanted to ask here if someone have some other ideas or can tell me if one my ideas, which I have in mind, could work.

Really appreciate your answers!

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