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General Discussion / Artisan mousepad - thoughts?
« on: 05:25 PM - 11/23/18 »
Anybody here have experience with these or have a link to a decent review?

I know RJN is doing a review on them in 2019, but that's too long away


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout is the first game I've gone full 100% XIM APEX. I'm traditionally a controller player and have been since CoD4 and thus, muscle memory training has been rough. That being said, my experiences thus far with the XIM have been interesting. I thought it would be an easy transition due to me also playing Quake on PC for many years, but I was wrong...

I was using a cloth pad for my first 211 wins. The Steelseries QCK Heavy, which has been my go-to for PC gaming for a long time. It was working fine and dandy paired with my Logitech G502 and I had no complaints. About a week ago, I discovered the "Game Support" section of this forum and thus also discovered RML and his legendary curves. At the time I was playing on 12k DPI, Common Sync and thought I was doing quite well even though AA in this game is awful.

Reading through some of RML's config threads in that sub-forum was super enlightening and several users were swearing by his curves. One particular user said his curves mixed with a hard-pad was a game changer for him/her. So I went out and purchased a Logitech G440 hard pad and copy/pasted RML's curves to a new Black Ops 4 config. Once the G440 came in, my XIM gaming was literally taken to a new level as this actually feels like PC gaming. I've been using  RML's Blacked Out config since my 211 victory and have no plans on changing a @#$% thing.

All of this being said, after 15 days of actual gameplay I feel like I finally have a grasp on the XIM and think it's a worthy tool in my repertoire for console gaming. I'm in firm belief that I'm still a much better player with a controller, but that's 10 years of CoD experience using that kind of input device. I've just posted two short videos of gameplay in the XIM APEX Gameplay sub-forum if anybody is interested.

All in all, I'm loving this device more and more every day. I'm looking forward to what the future brings as far as updates and features. Thanks OBS for making all of this possible, and thanks RML for making the device that much more enjoyable for me. 4

UPDATE: I've been playing with Target Assist OFF in-game the last couple days, this is MUCH more like PC gaming

Hardware Compatbility / Razer Tartarus 2
« on: 07:48 PM - 07/05/18 »
Not sure if this question has been asked or not, but I couldn't find anything useful.... Anywho, has anybody tried using a Tartarus 2 with their APEX? I just ordered one and I cannot get the buttons on the furthest-left column (01, 06, 11, 16) to map in the APEX manager. Can someone please assist? I'm coming from a broken Logitech G13 that I cannot replace due to prices being ridiculous. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers!

Hey guys, I'm still new to the XIM family. Is there a way to have my ADS sensitivity different between scoped weapons and regular weapons? For example, I like my ADS to be nice and buttery smooth when I'm using an AR but I prefer it to be a little bit fast when using a sniper. If this question has already been asked, I do apologize. I'm still just trying to learn the ropes as I branch off to other console games. Complete XIM and console noob here.


I hope this helps. I understand there are plenty of members here that are already pretty quick builders and have their own ways of doing things that are more efficient to them, but this is what works for me. Maybe it will pertain to some of you as well. Enjoy!

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