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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] SAB Off stick drift issue
« on: 04:59 AM - 06/05/20 »
I am using xbox one controller and xim apex. I tried it on the computer. I had no such problem before. if i set sab off when i touch my mouse my aim drifts and if i change my sab 0 it stops. i dont like sab feeling...OBSiV can you take a look?
Could the problem be related to the controller?


XIM APEX Discussions / Xbox one controller or DS4
« on: 06:29 AM - 11/17/19 »
I was playing on ps4 but now i am using xim apex on pc. What do you think about controllers input lag? Shoud i buy xbox one controller or contunie with ds4?

General Discussion / Realm royale closed beta code
« on: 04:43 AM - 12/12/18 »
For ps4


Game Support / Fortnite input device kick
« on: 12:03 PM - 10/11/18 »
I have kicked from game 2 times what is the problem ?

The message is:
input device chosen does not match. Please disconnect gamepad,mouse or keyboard and restart fornite

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Fortnite ps4 mic problem
« on: 03:05 AM - 04/28/18 »
I am using ps4 pro with new controller over usb connection  no problem on chat.. when i unplug and plug mic my keyboard not working.. 1000 hz common sync on latest beta firmware..any solution?

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