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Support / [ACTIVE] Xim apex stops working randomly
« on: 03:21 PM - 11/16/19 »
im pretty helpless atm.
My apex disconnects randomly.

What I use:
USB-Hub for more power(recommended on this forum)
Wireless Logitec mouse
Nav controller (wired)
Ps4 Controller
bluetooth ps4 headset

Lastest 5.00.20190719

What happens:
During the game (cod:mw) my apex starts blinking. I cant use my any controller anymore. My player starts walking in one direction.

What have I done:
Reinstalled all drivers.
Removed all controllers from the ps4 and paired it again

I dont know what I should do :/

Please help me.
Thank you!

Support / [ACTIVE] Is my apex broken?
« on: 10:20 AM - 02/13/19 »
i never had any big problems with my apex since i bought it at launch day.
At the moment i play bo4 alot. Never had any problems, i didnt changed my setup.
Since a few weeks  i had the problem, that my controller turns off during the game ( i used the controller for the wing suit). I thought my controller was broken, so i bought a new one. With the new controller i even had more problems. During the game my whole setup stopped working.  i couldnt used the controller or the kb/m.  i have to unplug the controller, hit a few times the ps4 button while the apex is flashing in yellow lights.

KB: LK 20
Mouse: G703

I already used diffrent usb-cables.

As the title says,
I got the feeling they lowered the AA. Could that change the whole ST? Does it need a retrain?

Game Support / Recoil control Bo4 Blackout (ps4)
« on: 12:23 PM - 10/22/18 »
i would say that im a middle class bo4 blackout player (11 wins, 30 times top 5 in around 160 games). I noticed when i watch the kill cams, that alot of players have nearly no recoil when they kill me. I struggle pretty hard to fire a whole mag without any movement. I often have to burst fire, even when my weapon is pimped out. Is there a way/setting/config what so ever with the apex to help me?

I use rmls curve for ads
12k dpi
xy raito 1,25 while ads

Deutsch / r6s recoil LMG
« on: 12:55 PM - 09/29/18 »
ich weiß, dass viele hier im Forum r6s spielen. Ich wollte mal fragen, ob euch auch aufgefallen ist, dass Zofias LMG kaum noch recoil hat. Oder war/ist das nur ein bug?

i wanna share my experience with the Sony Nav and rainbow six.
I have to say, that the game feels much smoother with the nav because you can control your micro movment so much better. I think it is worth trying since in r6s every step counts.


Game Support / r6s Recoil control
« on: 11:56 PM - 07/23/18 »
So here we go again r6s...
but this time i dont look for settings, i guess. I think i have okay settings for this game. My problem is the recoil control. I have the feeling, that my recoil is much higher compared to controller useres. Atleast i have more problems to control it.
Any1 got tips for it?

just a general thing. It is cool that you guys share your "perfect" curves. But could you pls upload a pic of it aswell. It makes it so much easier to judge if a curve is worth trying or not.
Thank you!

Maybe some mod can pin this :/

Beta / Any updates soon?
« on: 07:57 AM - 06/09/18 »
when the xim came out you guys released one update after another which was great. The last weeks it kinda got quiet. I know it is summer time and you guys can spend your time at the beach, but i still would like to see:
- a walk speed slider
- and maybe a closer look at the r6s aiming system

thx =)


Beta / Walk speed slider?
« on: 01:09 AM - 04/13/18 »
Hey is it possible to creat a walk speed slider? As a r6s player i think the walk speed from the last beta is too fast. Maybe the devs could creat a slider, so it is changable for every game.
Thanks! =)

Deutsch / Apex Softwareverbesserung für R6S?
« on: 10:38 AM - 03/28/18 »
ich habe gelesen, dass angeblich an einer Softwarelösung für ein besseres Aimgefühl für r6s gearbeitet wird. Kann das ein Mod oder Admin bestätigen? Ich habe leider nicht den Originalpost gefunden von dieser Aussage.


Deutsch / r6s turn speed - Apex
« on: 10:35 AM - 03/09/18 »
Moin moin,
ich hatte bereits die xim4 und bin dort immer wieder auf das "Problem" gestoßen, dass ich mich mit der Maus nicht so schnell drehen kann wie mit dem eigentlichen Controller. Ich erreiche auf öfter das speed limit, sodass meine apex rot anfängt zu blinken. Gibt es die Möglichkeit im hipfeuer-modus über die Ballistikkurve die apex so einzustellen, dass schnelles drehen möglich ist? Vielleicht hat dort jemand von euch eine Idee. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der Apex.
8200 Dpi / 1000hz

@Mods. Vielleicht könnt ihr mal weitergeben, dass web.de Emails nicht in diesem Forum funktionieren.

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