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Just out of curiosity...if I got a basic wireless mouse would the apex work as well as if it was a wired mouse? Just wondering, sorry if that is a noobish question.

Yesterday I made a post about my apex not working, this was because my ps4 controller was 10 years old (or something), once my bf plugged in his newer and updated ps4 controller...it worked no problem. Hope this helps some of the issues with ps4 players.

Perhaps I am missing something because my Xim Apex doesn't work with PS4 Overwatch. Pleeease help, the only reason why I got an Apex was to play OW =[

Things I did:

1. Followed the XIM APEX Quick Start Guide to the dot.
2. Downloaded both programs including the flash update and apex manager + updated my ps4 settings to USB connection
3. Connected mouse, controller, and keyboard in correct order.
4. The apex flashed green like in the video (good news)
5. The manager connected me and I was able to set a config for OW (good news)
6. I updated the OW options menu to increase sensitivity to maximum + other config changes according to the website
7. The XIM clearly identifies my keyboard because I was able to set a manual profile (F1) and changed its color to green.

I did all that but my keyboard was unresponsive, my mouse does not light up like when I plug it into a PC...my keyboard does light up and i can set a profile for overwatch...but nothing responds ingame =[

Please help!! I've never used a Xim before and I am not good with tech stuff...=[


Is there a guide out there for a complete noob? I bought an apex a few hours ago, but i just realized it's a usb thing, is there a way to use this with a regular mouse to play the sims? what hardware or items are required to use an apex? I would love if someone could link any accessories i might need to get the apex to work with ps4. I bought one because the Xim4 is really expensive on ebay! Thanks for any help!

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