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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Radial menu
« on: 03:51 AM - 06/11/22 »
Apex radial option Not available when trying to heal any help will be appreciated! Thanks

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Gyroscope feel to floaty
« on: 04:40 PM - 03/02/22 »
Is it normal for my gyroscope to feel to floaty
Im in pc and playing Caldera Warzone! Also new to XIM nexus
Still don稚 get how to work with gyroscope and thumps sticks! Thanks

I知 using XIM nexus on pc and the game that I play is caldera warzone I notice every time I知 dropping from the plane my movement is so slow any thoughts ?thanks

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Movement feels wonky
« on: 03:32 PM - 02/26/22 »
My movement feels wonky at warzone caldera what profile should I use? I知 using XIM nexus and i notice that I have use 0.10 dead zone and I think that痴 what is hindering my movement! Thanks 
I知 using it on a pc by the way using the adapter! Also my input lag is higher than what I知 use too is this normal! 7.00ms of input lag!

XIM APEX Discussions / 120hz on xbox one x ..on xim
« on: 02:14 AM - 12/15/19 »
What is the best synchronization on xim for 120hz on xbox one x? Thanks

Game Support / Native m&k
« on: 03:42 PM - 10/31/19 »
I have a problem guys why does my mouse stutters whenever I play the game?? Isn't supposed to be smoother experience using native k&m!!

Game Support / Pubg reticle stutters
« on: 02:08 AM - 07/07/19 »
I notice on 4x reticle and on 6xs stutters a lot can somebody help me!!

Shared Configs / Pubg increase Zeroing
« on: 04:06 AM - 06/19/19 »
 How bind the increase zeroing ?? Everytime I do it my reticle changes color???

Game Support / Pubg movement
« on: 06:47 PM - 05/17/19 »
Whenever I play pubg on FPP every turn I make with my character it feels like it drags?? Is this nornal???

Game Support / Reticle on pubg xbox one x
« on: 01:18 AM - 05/12/19 »
I notice that on my 4x scope everytime I ADS the reticle jumps is not really smooth at all??

General Discussion / HIP perfect sensitivity
« on: 12:30 AM - 03/25/19 »
Hey Guys what's up? I need help finding the perfect sensitivity for the hip on cod balckout..I already did it with ADS but I need to find the Hip sensitivity.. thanks!!

Game Support / COD4
« on: 01:55 AM - 03/17/19 »
Can you guys try this set up & how does the aim AA feels!
Hard pad
Keyboard: k70 rapifire
HIP: 28.20 smoothing 6
ADS:14.40 smoothing 6
DPI: 5000
I've  been dropping 50 kills every other game! Thanks guys!

So what's the best DPI on a hard pad? For cod.??

General Discussion / Aim assist
« on: 07:28 PM - 03/02/19 »
Hey guys why is that when ADS I do fell the aim assist but when the enemy starts to run away aim as it doesnt really help doesnt fallow the enemy???

Hardware Compatbility / Does HIGH DPI 16000 affect hz
« on: 07:04 PM - 02/23/19 »
I was running my mouse polling rate on a hard mat at 16000 DPI 100hz  & it was not constant I also tried 500hz same results! I'm using the corsair DARK CORE RGB SE!! Any thoughts?

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