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Anyone else notice this or am I crazy? Feels kinda like xbox, not sure if its placebo or something is actually different it just feels better now.

My keyboard is a CORSAIR K70 RGB LUX.

I have disabled all lights on the keyboard to preserve voltage and have always had issues with the keyboard occasionally disconnecting and sometimes the red and yellow lights occur. Its never been a permanent thing, until recently. I was casually playing and I plug in my keyboard the keyboard does a quick flash then the red/yellow lights of death start flashing. I cant seem to pinpoint to issue and to my understanding it seems like it could be a keyboard issue.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Ive tried it on my PC and PS4 and no luck.

Hello, recently ive started to play COD MW on the PS4 with Xim Apex, now its not a secret that the game is not exactly "plug and play" like prior Call of Dutys but with some of the communities configs and hard work I was able to get a decent configuartion going, there is some things im noticing in my aiming experience that im wondering if its possible to fix or atleast mitigate as much as possible so my muscle memory can just take over.

The Positives:
- AA bubble / AA doesnt seem too harsh like it was previously when I tried to create a config and is a lot easier to snap target to target (With current config).
- When making large mouse movements it feels rather smooth and reminds if me of prior Call of Duty aiming experiences.
- Using latest beta firmware, the ADS transition issue is very mitigated and I barely notice it, it feels like.

The Issues:
Here are some issue im looking for some insight into from experienced MW Xim players or anyone that can help direct me.
- Micromovements seem choppy and not smooth at all, when I move the mouse a little bit it feels like it moves in a linear way and is not optimal for good precision.
- Sometimes it feels like I have mouse acceleration, and other times I don't. I assumed it could be apart of the games look mechanic and also could be me capping turn speed.
- In some configs and other STs ive tried, I feel like the aim assist is waaay to much like its a absolute magnet on ur mouse and is either super hard to get used to or its not even helping your aim but hurting it more.

Latest Beta Firmware XIM Apex
MW ST Latest
HIP: 87.25
Sync: OFF
ADS: 76.00
Sync: OFF
Delay: 90(?)
Deactivation Delay: 224ms (whatever is standard to fix the delay problem)
Smooth Aim Transition: OFF
Everything is default except I am using and actively testing RMLs 5.0 Stair Stepper Curve
DPI: 3200 [Using a Finalmouse Phantom not a Logitech G Pro anymore]
Game Settings:
20 sens
20 sens
1.0 ADS
1.0 ADS
Standard AA and AA Response Curve

Many thanks to anyone who can give me some tips or insight to these issues im experiencing and overall thank you to the community and XIM staff for working hard on pressing issues on COD to make it way better than it was.

XIM APEX Discussions / Cuisine Royale Gamers Worldwide
« on: 07:23 PM - 06/02/19 »
I love the game its hilarious, has anyone on Xbox tried it with XIM its horrific. Lol. Im not surprised and its obviously not XIMs fault I think the games look mechanic is awful. Does anyone think an official ST would help? Game is so fun if it was playable

Something sturdy and reliable for a decent price. Has to be compatible with Apex.

Hello there, I think I may have adressed my concerns on this issue a month or so ago talking about how my XIM apex would keep flashing red and yellow lights because of how the pro outputs power or something well, the red and blue lights have gone away and instead as of recently for some reason if I touch my keyboard usb slightly while its connected into the hub it spazzes out and I have found that the short term fix is to lightly tap the usb while its connected and it will turn on. For reference 90% of all the LEDs on the keyboard and turned off and the brightness for the ones that are on (3 buttons that arent even keys) are at the lowest possible value. Just 10 minutes ago I was experiencing the issue trying to fiddle with it so I could play and it completely turned off my PS4 and I thought it bricked it lol... Thank god for that, such a bizzare issue any insight would be splendid, thank you.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex Legends Official ST Thoughts
« on: 08:21 PM - 02/10/19 »
You already know mist killed it, it feels amazing and even better than the PubG ST and TF2 obviously. I wanted to point out that originally I actually couldn't stand playing Apex with the Xim because of the negative feedback on my bullet registration but I think that was not enough aim assist on top of the fact that it wasn't a good config. I would try changing to 12K dpi if your rocking like 3200 or something. Additionally when I set my ingame sensitivities at 6 or 7 you receive a lot more aim assist compensation. Here are my settings, for a background I play Call of Duty mainly so I strive for settings that feel as similar as possible :)

PS4 Pro

In game:
All Default, 90 FOV
Sensitivity: 7
ADS Sensitivity: 7

( Mouse: 1k Polling / 12k DPI)

Xim Settings:
Apex Legends ST (New)

Hip: 5.50
Sync: Default
No smoothing
No Boost,
No curve,
No Steady Aim

ADS: 4.50
[ Inherit: Yes ]
Sync: Default
No smoothing,
No Boost,
No Curve,
No Steady Aim

These are base settings that work really good with Xim for core functionality for some people that are meticulous with aiming preferences and various other things might find this too minimalist for their comfort. I find these work well, I might go in and tweak some fine tune sensitivities, but I don't think this game requires a lot of modification for it to work great. Thank you Mist for all your contributions in the community and again you did really well and worked in a timely fashion for the communities sake. Appreciate all the hard work :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Blackout Rework UI Thoughts & Ideas
« on: 09:11 PM - 01/15/19 »
Most you avid Call of Duty Blackout enthusiasts out there will know that the UI has been changed the accommodate a better and more robust UI for seeing for items and in general better fit for how quick the game is. The new design is all lootable stashes have a 3x5 Grid instead of the 1x1 scrolling UI. This UI is amazing for Ps4 controller users but for us XIM users and more importantly MnK specifically users might have a hard time finding something comfortable and efficient with this new change.

Before I use mouse scroll to scroll up and down the 1x1 UI and while yes, not efficient because its slow; it did the job fine and im used to it but now scroll cant work because now you have to use all 4 directional pieces to move to a desired square. I wanted your input and ideas on how you're making it work. For now im using the directional keys on my keyboard but its weird and kind of uncomfortable to get used too. Anyway this update kind of sucks for XIM users

Hey, looking for any active PS4 Overwatch players and preferably if you have both consoles and can explain their differences when you swap between them. So for background, I recently purchased a PS4 Pro, with that i'm buying the shooters I play most; Call of Duty, Overwatch and R6Siege. Now setting up the Apex for PS4 Pro, I was like hmm shouldn't be that confusing just copy my Xbox Configs and paste them into a PS4 version of that config right? Well yes, it was that easy but only some games mirrored their performance from Xbox.

Setting up Call of Duty was easy, I just copied my config and plugged and play, also before I used the PS4 I made sure that the controller was passing through the console via USB Cable, rather than Bluetooth which was something I remember from awhile back. So now, i'm at an unfortunate impass, Call of Duty works just fine but I cant figure out why Overwatch doesn't. I copied my in-game settings from my Xbox version but the game feels completely different. Not sure how to explain it exactly but the aiming experience is floaty which means the aiming is not precise and kind of floats around a lot (micro movements are harder to nail down), additionally it feels like the transition from the aim assist bubble is not smooth at all. Feels extremely stiff and is hard to get used too.

Now, i'm pretty frustrated trying to mess with settings but I was wondering if any Overwatch players from PS4 have any advice, and also if you have both consoles with the game if you can tell me if you experience the same thing. I do notice, not sure why but I feel like I easily hit the turn speed cap extremely fast. A sudden movement can trigger the max speed cap.

Appreciate any words of wisdom ^.^

XIM APEX Discussions / PS4 Pro consistent disconnections
« on: 03:53 PM - 12/28/18 »
Hey, wanted to ask if I set up the PS4 properly, I got mine the other day and it works good in terms of feel but it consistently loses connection (Mouse and keyboard) but controller keeps working. I'm 99% sure my controller is fully charged because I left it in the charger all night. I had an issue earlier of constantly being over voltage using it, I turned off the lights on my keyboard and it stopped doing that but now, I consistenly lose control over the keyboard and mouse and unplugging and replugging fixes it temporarily. I tried both front USB ports and the back ones, still happens regardless. Can anyone let me know why it does this? It never really happened this much on my Xbox

Hey there support, looking for some guidance as i'm new to the psn community especially when it comes to XIM. For short term use I copied all my Xbox One configs but loaded them in the PS4 config setting instead. Wanted to point out that so far, the experience has been 1:1 in comparison but for some reason on Overwatch specifically I feel like the game runs differently which could be attributed to the different changes that they've made to aim assist, whether you have it on or not.

So for Overwatch specifically, has anyone noticed a difference in aiming experience? I feel like its become more floaty and less precise. They added a new setting called Aim Assist ease-in and I have no idea how the setting changes the gameplay but its apparent when I mess with it, but even turning it off the entire thing feels different. Honestly I don't think it effects my gameplay that negatively but sometimes it hard to be precise with the new look mechanics.

Secondly, I got the PS4 Pro brand-new 2 days ago and for some reason after 2 days I keep getting the flashing red/yellow lights meaning High Voltage, I unplug everything (dongle, usb connections) and plug it in but keeps dying on me. Never really happened to me this consistently on the Xbox, although sometimes it would a simple replug of the XIM would fix the issue for the entire session. Wanted to know if there is a quick solution do this, or if someone has a troubleshooting list I can go through to hopefully resolve this ASAP.

PS4 Pro, Corsair K70 LUX RGB MX Brown, Logitech G Pro gaming mouse

Game Support / Realm Royale - Update?
« on: 05:56 PM - 12/11/18 »
Hey, I know there has been some talk about supporting and such and now its about a month away from full release and many people have access to the beta, but for some reason when I play with XIM im moving the crosshair down a X and Y axis only (up and down) (side to side) and its very peculiar. Im wondering if this is lack of a good ST or just the games poor dead zoning and aiming infrastructure. Also wondering if mist tried to support this yet or if its too hard since its a beta..

XIM APEX Discussions / xim on pc?
« on: 04:12 AM - 11/10/18 »
i saw people trying it i wanted to see if i could do it because 8 I like my config on my xim. how do i use my apex on pc and how does it work?

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Apex + Titan Two Question
« on: 08:53 PM - 11/09/18 »
Hey there gamers,

Wanted to ask if anyone right now has a setup where they have both a XIM Apex and a Titan Two working in cohesion. Reason being is I wanted to set up cool macros/scripts so that I can use 1-5 for my weapons on Fortnite. Now I've heard some news saying that pairing them can lead to a decrease in the Apex's performance.

I just wanted to know what i'd be getting into and what it would be like before I buy a Titan Two.

Alright, you've probably seen me around these forums, been using Apex since March and literally flawless product, have never bought something and felt like I got my moneys worth but XIM is 100% worth it and I always recommend it to anyone.

So today, I got on Xbox (my primary console) and XIM functionality in general seems OK. But it doesn't like my keyboard anymore. I plug it in, it lights up no inputs are working, after roughly 15 seconds, the keyboard SOMEHOW starts using colors and animations which is not NORMALLY supported with XIM, (You have to use static colours because Animation colours aren't saved onto the flash of my keyboard) Then roughly 30 seconds after I get a power fault, more than likely because its using flash memory and XIM cant handle the flashy colours all at once and stuff.

I am use K70 LUX MX Brown Switches, Its in my Bio exactly.
I tried a hard reset, now im just wondering if my XIM is broken or maybe Corsair had a software update or something, I dont think it did because I've had my k70 in my xim the past month or so. Let me know what y'all think

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